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The seductive Siren of the Saronic Gulf

Epidaurus: for many people, this word brings to mind the town’s Ancient Theatre (c. 340-330 B.C.), a renowned monument included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list as part of the Sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine for the ancient Greeks. The dramatic performances staged in this theatre were watched by the god’s patients, during their stay at the healing centre.

Since the 1950s, ancient theatre plays have been performed here every summer, as per the Athens & Epidaurus Festival programme.
The Epidaurus area is in the Argolida region, in East Peloponnese, where you’ll find beautiful seaside destinations with great beaches shaded by pine trees. Dive in crystal clear waters, go snorkelling & scuba diving, and discover a sunken ancient city; go hiking in the country and follow the paths that pass through ancient ruins, orange and olive groves; and visit traditional tavernas serving fresh fish & seafood from the nearby Saronic Gulf area, as well as other local dishes.
Epidaurus, its peaceful natural surroundings influenced by its primitive and mysterious place in history, invites us to explore the forces of nature and those within ourselves.

Discover the land of Asclepius

Read our suggestions for your next trip to Epidaurus.

Visit the popular Palaia Epidavros [Old Epidaurus] and enjoy a stroll along the picturesque quay and the seafront. Visit the area’s gem, the Small Theatre of Epidaurus, where music performances take place in July. Book your accommodation here and try the delicious fish dishes served in the local tavernas.

Next, head to nearby Nisi, a small peninsula which juts out into the sea, and breaks the continuity of the long Palaia Epidavros beach line. Visit the remnants of the ancient Acropolis and the Roman Walls, the ruins of a palace and houses, the Doric-style columns of a temple, and the remains of Mycenaean graves, against the backdrop of the Saronic Gulf. Go for a hike out in the countryside early in the morning, starting from Palaia Epidavros harbour, or just before the sunset, if you prefer it. It’s a very pleasant 2 km walk.

Stop by Lygourio, a small village with traditional coffee houses, quaint little shops and a beautiful slab-paved square. It’s a must to eat here after you’ve watched an ancient theatre performance! Visit the Kotsiomiti Museum of Natural History, and then walk towards the village’s highest location where you can get a fine view of the ruins and the walls of the ancient town of Lissa.

Visit Agnountos Nunnery, which is a Byzantine monastery built in the 11th c. The main church is dedicated to the Dormition of Theotokos [the Assumption] and a feast is held each year on August 15th with hundreds of visitors coming from all over Greece. The nuns will offer you tasty loukoumi as a treat (a soft sweet that looks a bit like thick fruit jelly rolled in caster sugar).


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Go Hiking across the forested Vothylas Ravine, near Nea Epidavros; it’s a lesser known area that all nature lovers will definitely enjoy crossing.

Diving in the ‘sunken city’ area, it’s considered to be the local Atlantis. The view of Methana volcano is impressive; you’ll enjoy swimming and snorkelling there. You can get fine underwater views of a part of the ancient city which got submerged after the volcanic explosion, very close to today’s shoreline. You’ll get a clear view of Mycenaean graves, amphorae and walls, even with the naked eye. In some parts, you can see the remains of the ancient pier. Swim over this very special seabed, as colourful fishes pass you by. Make sure you wear water shoes or flippers, as there are sea urchins on the seabed. It’ll be a fantastic experience!

Parapenting over Epidaurus or mountain / road biking, for a special aerial or terrestrial experience, as it suits your fancy.

Filming in Epidaurus



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From Athens via Olympia Odos and continue via Isthmus-Ancient Epidaurus Road, the journey is 2 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continue on Olympia Odos to Epidaurus the journey takes 7 hours.

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