Elafonissos, just 300 m from Pounta in the shore of Peloponnesus, has a history of about 5,000 years, since it was inhabited from the Third and Second Millenium B.C., as evidenced by prehistoric findings. During the Peloponnesian War it was a battle field between the Athenians and the Spartans, as the former had fortified the isthmus that connected at that time the island with Pounta. From 1839 until 1850 belonged to the British, which considered it part of the Eptanisa. It is connected with Pounta or Neapolis, Lakonia through local ferry boat routes. It extends over 9000 sq. m and has a population of 750 inhabitants.


The famous exotic beach of Simos, one of the best in Greece! You will also swim in Kontogoni, in the coast of Panagia, in the neighboring islets as well as in the beaches Pounta and Viglafia.
The ancient sanctuaries of Athena, Poseidon and Apollo.
The church of Agios Spyridon, built in a rock with an enchanting sunset.
The islets Kasella, Gaidouronisi, Lepto and Agia Sofia.
Elafonisos is connected with local boats from Pounta in Laconia and the route lasts 10 minutes.
From Athens via Olympia Road, to Krokeon-Dafnis Road to Pounta where you pass by ferry to Elafonisos, the journey is 5 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continuing via Olympia Road to Pounta the ferry journey is 9 hours.

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