Image Bank

Welcome to the Image Bank of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

This image bank has been created with a view to promoting and advertising the tourism product of our country. Here you can find and download high resolution images on a variety of topics. This depository includes all the material our Organisation may currently offer to those interrested, and it is constantly renewed.

Before using these photographs, please take into consideration the following:

The Greek National Tourism Organisation is the copyright holder and exclusive user of the above images. All images posted in this website are protected by the Law 2121/1993 Copyright, Related Rights and Cultural Matters, Official Gazette A 25 1993. You are allowed to download, transmit, reproduce or publish these photographs with the proviso that:
  • The name of the photographer and GNTO as copyright holder will be cited
  • The use of these images will be aimed at promoting Greece as a tourist destination
The commercial use of the above material is strictly forbidden. Any publication, website or any other material that fails to include the name of the photographer and GNTO will be construed as a violation of the Copyright Law.

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