Visit Greece App

It's a must-have for your holidays

The Visit Greece app has been launched with a view to making your travel experiences safer this year, more enjoyable and memorable. You can find updates concerning Covid-19 in Greece, you can explore the rich content regarding your prospective travels across the country, and make the most of our tips & suggestions on what to do & see here, based on your location at the time.


The Visit Greece app is a useful tool to visitors in Greece, as it will provide you with travel information quickly and easily as well as any other relevant information when you need it. Thanks to the digital calendar available on the app, you will be able to browse through the scheduled cultural events across Greece, using smart search.

ABOUT Covid-19

We have created a chatbot, i.e. a module which contains the answers to any queries you may have regarding Covid-19 restrictions in Greece, and on how to protect yourself and remain safe during your stay. You can also use navigation on the maps so as to pinpoint the nearest Covid-19 hospitals to your location and also find health emergency information related to each region. After you download the application, you can receive push notifications on updates. The Visit Greece app also offers you access to the PLF form, which you can fill in, then save the QR code on your cell phone and show it to border control upon entry in Greece. SERVICES On the Visit Greece app you can look for information and purchase e-tickets for museums and other cultural venues; you can find info on accommodation, food & drink, and nightlife; you can locate the beaches near you and other activities you can enjoy in the countryside or in the city. The Visit Greece app also offers you “myWallet”: use it to make your purchases in Greece quickly and easily. The application is sponsored by Eurobank and Mastercard, who are the active supporters of this GNTO project. The Visit Greece app is available free of charge on IOS and Android, in the electronic App Store and Play Store respectively.