Family holidays

A unique family destination all year round

“The thing I like the most about Greece is the feeling you have that you are part of a big happy family. The sense of warmth and intimacy makes you forget all about having to go back where you came from”. These are the words most visitors use to describe their feelings while on vacation in Greece. Smiley faces and hospitality, family warmth and peace, security, untouched nature and magnificent food give a unique combination, making Greece number one family destination worldwide.

Life is dreamy during summer, when the sun shines and sea blue takes over. Families will have the chance to swim in clear, safe, turquoise water at one of the many blue flag beaches of the country. Picturesque tavernas offering dishes made with pure greek ingredients add to the delightedness of the visitor. The islands of the Aegean and Ionian sea, Crete, Halkidiki are just a minimum of the ideal family destinations. Along with the children, visit the sea museums and parks located on various islands of the country and enjoy adventurous water sports activities.

In the fall, the stunning colors of the landscape and the relatively warm weather call for touring. This period is ideal for trips down the history line, walking through the impressive stone palaces of the greek castle-cities spotted all around the country. The medieval atmosphere of Mystras and Monemvasia guarantee the uniqueness of the experience.

Athens of course is another choice one can make. Children and parents will enjoy themselves in a museum or a recreational park – the Acropolis museum, children’s museum in Plaka, or Attica Zoo Park, one of the biggest throughout the Balkans, can offer much pleasure and activities. On the mountain hills that surround Athens, like Parnitha, you can have a picnic or ride a bicycle, while Athens Riviera, with its beautiful beaches, luxurious shopping malls and famous restaurants give a whole different leisure plan.

In wintertime, one shouldn’t miss visiting famous winter resorts such as Pilio, Arachova and Kalavrita, where traditional cuisine, picturesque villages, the magnificent landscape,ski and snowboard activities guarantee to satisfy all your demands. If yet you desire to explore the main cities, then Thessaloniki and Patras among others would be the ideal choice for you. Greeks especially favor Christmas period and Carnival festivities’ period, that only hold special experiences for the whole family to discover.

Coming spring, when nature is reborn, expose yourself to its marvelous beauty by visiting lake of Kastoria or lake of Ioannina. Stroll by the lake’s bank, rent a water bicycle or a traditional wooden boat or go water skiing! There are also many forests along the country, like Strofilia in northwest Peloponnese or Dadia, covering the mountains of Evros, where you can only lose yourself in the endless green.

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A delicious visit to Athens' museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and green gardens have been shaped as part of museum premises in Athens promise to offer you relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits.

Lakes reflecting beauty

Like stunning mirrors of outstanding natural beauty, lakes in Greece reflect the splendour of the Greek landscape in their waters.