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Explore Greece with Your Furry Companion

Pet-Friendly Travel Experience

What makes a perfect holiday? For some, it’s taking the time to rest and relax, with a bit of pampering and indulgence thrown in for good measure. For others, it’s turning every moment into an active adrenaline-filled adventure while exploring new destinations. For most of us, it’s something in between. But if there’s one thing we tend to all agree on, it’s that perfect holidays are those shared with our loved ones—and sometimes, loved ones just so happen to be of the four-legged variety.

Travelling in Greece with your pet can be a wonderful experience. Whether you’re dreaming of a city break in Athens and Thessaloniki, a sunny summer holiday on the Greek islands, an outdoor adventure hiking up Mount Olympus, or exploring the forests of the majestic Pindus mountain range, there are plenty of opportunities to make your holiday dreams come true in Greece. And with a bit of preparation, you’ll be able to share it with your furry friend!

Pick the ideal season for you and your pooch
Greece is a fantastic year-round destination, so when you visit can be just as important as where. Winters tend to be mild in the southern lowland and island regions and cold with strong snowfall in the mountainous areas in the central and northern regions, while summers are hot and dry.

If you’re visiting Greece in the summer, avoid taking your dog out in the sun during the hottest hours of the day, and make sure there’s a cool shaded spot for them to rest and plenty of cool, fresh water to drink. Remember that on really hot days, asphalt, tarmac, and pavements can become scorchingly hot and burn your dog’s paws.

Dogs with long, thick coats adapted for cooler climates can have a hard time coping in the Greek summer heat and might be happier visiting in the spring or autumn, when the weather is significantly cooler than in the peak summer months but still delightfully warm and perfect for beach days. Not a fan of the heat? Consider visiting Greece in the winter, where you and your pooch can enjoy a fantastic variety of activities and experiences from exploring a couple of islands or taking themed tours, to fantastic hiking and snow sports.

Dog-friendly beaches
Greece boasts numerous dog-friendly beaches that provide excellent opportunities to run, play and splash in the water; these can be found across the country, from Messinia in South Peloponnese to the islands of Lesvos and Samothraki in the North Aegean Sea, and even along the Athenian coastline. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed on Blue Flag beaches, unless they are service dogs. Make sure that you keep your dog close to you at all times, use a leadpick up after it and ensure it doesn’t bother other beachgoers  (you are also advised to carry a muzzle with you).

Remember that during the hottest hours of the day, the sun and heat can get too intense for dogs and the sand or pebbles on the beach can get hot enough to hurt your furry friend’s paws. Try to visit the beach earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun isn’t as hot and your dog can comfortably run about and enjoy splashing in the water. Ingesting saltwater, seaweed, or sand can be dangerous for dogs, so keep a close eye on them and take precautions to mitigate the risk: make sure there’s fresh water available to them at all times, play with toys that don’t absorb a lot of sand, and hose off your dog after leaving the beach to prevent them from licking the sand off their coat and feet.

Dog parks
While dedicated off-lead dog parks are relevantly new to much of Greece, each passing year sees the number of such facilities grow across the country.

Athens has five municipal dog parks: at Alsos Probona in Perissos, at Lofos Labraki and Ovrenovits Square (10 Krinagorou St.) in Neos Kosmos, at the Gendarmerie School park (50 Trikalon St.) in Ampelokipoi, and opposite Athens Railway Station (Stathmos Larissis) in Kolonos. Flisvos Dog Park at Marina Flisvos is another popular option. Other places to walk with your dog in the capital include the park at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, Lycabettus and Philopappou Hill, and Pedion Areos park.

Ready to go?
Greece is a fantastic pet-friendly destination that offers plenty of options for things to do and places to visit with your dog all year round. To enjoy a paw-some holiday in Greece with your pet, preparation is key: Double check that you meet the requirements and have the right documents for bringing pets into the country. Research your routes and destinations and confirm in advance whether your chosen providers permit pets and what specific rules apply. Mind local regulations and customs, keep your dog on the lead as appropriate, and remember to use common sense. Your paw-some Greek holiday awaits!

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