Kalavryta village from above, with the picturesque houses and the trees all around


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An action-packed destination

Kalavryta town welcomes you as one of the hot winter destinations in the Peloponnese. This beautiful town lies at the foot of Mt. Chelmos and it is a must-visit buzzing place during the cold months of the year on account of its ski centre.

In this dreamlike setting you will see stone-built houses, small squares, charming alleys, picturesque cafés and tavernas right next to shady plane trees: it’s a destination ideal for those aiming to combine their love for nature with their romantic mood.

Kalavryta is famous for Odontotos, the rack railway service (inaugurated in 1896) which covers the 22km Kalavryta – Diakopto route. The train takes passengers on a tour around Vouraikos Gorge and the route is considered as one of the most scenic in Greece. The train is now one of the area’s features, in harmony with the surrounding nature. The ride ends at the Corinthian Gulf shores.
A small stone-built church with a snowy mountain behind in Kalavryta

Α Greek historic landmark

Kalavryta town offers a world of experiences, and touring the area will provide you with:

An insight into its recent history: in 1943, the German occupying troops murdered 1500 male locals above the age of 14 and turned the town into ashes in retaliation to a defeat they suffered in battle with Greek Resistance guerillas. To commemorate this tragic event, a Monument with a huge Cross was raised at the location of the execution, in honour of those gunned down; the Municipal Museum of Kalavryta Holocaust was also built to preserve that memory.

An insight into its older history: within a 5km distance from Kalavryta, make a point of visiting Agia Lavra Monastery. According to records, it was built in the 10th c. and it played a vital role during the outbreak of the 1821 Greek War of Independence. Visit also the imposing Megalo Spilaio Monastery [Great Cavern Monastery], considered to be the oldest one in Greece. The cavern mouth gapes in the practically perpendicular 120m. high rock face, above the steep Vouraikos River ravine.

Lovely views and a chance to discover a wonder of nature: the Cave of the Lakes at the foot of Mt Chelmos. Feast your eyes on the incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations that excite the imagination and explore the cave’s unique 13 lakes and cascading waters arranged in three levels.

Action-filled holidays: winter sports fans can visit the Chelmos ski centre where there are 12 pistes, 7 lifts, a snowboard park, a mogul field, and a fantastic snow tubing park; quite a few parties and events also take place there.

Yet more action-packed holidays: Go hiking along the E4 European trail (from Kalavryta to Kato Lousous – Planitero – Arbouna – Agios Nikolaos – Tourlada – Krinofyta), downclimbing Vouraikos Gorge, mountaineering on Mt. Chelmos, climbing, off-roading towards LakeTsivlou , mountain biking and parapenting.

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From Athens via Olympia Road, to Pountas-Klavryton Road, the journey is 2.5 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continuing through Pounta-Kalavryta Road the journey lasts 6 hours.

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