The small town of Leonidio, with the traditional houses and the trees as well as the rocks surrounding it


In the province of Kynouria and at just 3 hours from Athens by car, there is the township of Leonidio, built between the sea and the foot of the mount Parnon.Completely devastated by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt in 1826, the place brags about the Frankish-styled stone mansions,and the gardens of geraniums, honeysuckles and lemon trees giving off a scent of nostalgia.

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Among the mansions the most striking ones are those of Polytimos and Katsikogiannis, whereas temporary exhibitions are housed in the tower of Tsikaliotis’.

The sweet “tsakoniki” aubergine, an appellation d’origine contrôlée (= controlled designation of origin) product grows in the fertile plain around Leonidio. Visit the festival of “tsakoniki” aubergine in August, when delicious dishes are served based entirely on aubergine, and cooked on the spot by the local cooks. Taste alsolocal honey, noodles and rusks.
In the narrow streets of Leonidio and the villages around it, a different language is spoken. It’s the Tsakonian language, which derives from the ancient Doric dialect. Regarded as the oldest dialect in the world, it is spoken and written by some 2,000 people in this area.

While in Leonidio:
• enjoy the sea and the sea sports at the cosmopolitan beach of Plaka, or explore the beaches of Poulithra, Tygani and Fokianos to enjoy blue waters in peace, and

• go on half-day excursions to rural and seaside villages, such as the green-clad village of Aghios Vassilios (St. Basil), the traditional Poulithra and the perched on the rocks of Parnon village of Peleta.

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From Athens via Olympia Odos to Leonidio, the journey is 3.5 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continue on Olympia Odos to Leonidio the journey takes 8 hours. .

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