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Top gorges in Greece

Greece is a canyoning paradise! Discover breathtaking gorges dispersed in our islands and on the mainland, each with unique and different thrills. Towering cliffs, covered in wildflowers where different kinds of birds nest, will be the scenery of these natural masterpieces. Our gorges promise to offer unforgettable adventures, from climbing up their rocky paths to diving in refreshing pools of rivers and contemplating waterfalls. The Visit Greece team has chosen the best—let's embark on this breathtaking journey together!

Samaria Gorge

There is no question that Samaria Gorge is one of the most famous gorges in  Crete. Thoudsnds flock to Chania each year to experience its magic. It's no wonder UNESCO recognises this Gorge as a site of outstanding universal value. The gorge’s name, Xyloskalo, meaning “wooden ladder,” hints at the steep ascent from its northern entrance. As you descend, the gorge's towering walls and rushing waters create a truly awe-inspiring spectacle. And what a reward awaits at the end of your journey: the breathtaking Libyan Sea!

Info: The gorge stretches for 16 kilometers and typically takes about 6 hours to complete. Proper footwear and a good level of fitness are essential. Samaria Gorge is open from May 1st to October (weather permitting), and overnight stays are prohibited. All visitors must exit the gorge by 7 PM.

Vikos gorge

Vikos Gorge is located in the heart of Vikos - Aoos area, north of Ioannina city, Epirus. This natural wonder stretches from Monodendri to Kleidonia Bridge and was designated a National Park in 1973. Renowned for its exceptional ecological value, Vikos Gorge has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's deepest canyon relative to its width. Its steep, rocky walls, adorned with rare flora, and varying width of 30 to 100 meters create a breathtaking spectacle. Voidomatis River - a tributary to Aoos - runs through Vikos gorge and is considered to have the clearest waters in Europe and makes it an excellent choice if you wish to have your first rafting experience.

Info: Stretching for an impressive 12 kilometers, Vikos Gorge is renowned for its rich biodiversity. The area's unique herbs have been celebrated for centuries, with local healers known as Vikogiatroi harnessing their medicinal properties. These skilled practitioners gained fame throughout the Balkans for their herbal remedies.

Lousios Gorge

Lousios Gorge, one of the major attractions of Arcadia, is a place ladened with history and religion as well as an area blessed with natural beauty. Often referred to as the "Mount Athos of the Peloponnese," this region is a treasure trove of history and spirituality. Home to historic monasteries, hermitages, and churches dating back to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine eras, it stands as a protected sanctuary under the Ministry of Culture. The gorge is named after Lousios River, a tributary to Alfeios. According to myth, it was here that the infant Zeus was bathed by the nymphs Neda, Agno, and Theisoa.  

Embark on a magical journey through Lousios Gorge and discover a lush tapestry of nature. Admire the graceful willows, poplars, vitex, and plane trees lining the riverbanks. The surrounding slopes burst with life, showcasing oaks, laurels, palms, olive trees, and a vibrant array of climbing plants. This enchanting ecosystem creates a symphony of scents and colours, especially during springtime.
Start your journey in the gorge by entering it either from Dimitsana, Ai-Giannis, Moni Prodromou, Elliniko and Ancient Gortyna.

Info: Stretching for 15 kilometers, the gorge offers more than just hiking trails. Thrill-seekers can experience the river's power firsthand with exciting rafting and kayaking adventures led by experienced guides. Some river descents conclude at the confluence of Lousios and Alfeios, while others continue further downstream. This diversity attracts adventure enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences in this stunning natural setting.

Vouraikos Gorge

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Vouraikos Gorge, a true gem of Achaia. Experience the thrill of ascending the steep slopes via the iconic rack railway from Diakofto to Kalavryta. This 22-kilometer journey offers unparalleled vistas of towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and enchanting caves. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and diverse flora that adorn this remarkable natural landscape especially during sspring.

Info: Stretching for 20 kilometers, Vouraikos Gorge offers an unforgettable journey through nature’s wonders. Initially, the landscape is dominated by expansive lemon and olive groves, but as you venture deeper, the scenery transforms into a wild and rugged terrain. Marvel at the dramatic contrast between the gorge’s initial tranquility and the later spectacle of towering cliffs, intricately carved by the relentless force of water.

Acherontas Narrows

From Glyki’s Information Centre start your expedition towards Skala Tzavelenas. Follow this easy path used by Souliotes during the Ottoman Period and go down the lush green slope to the river’s bank. Make a stop at the Dragon Cave and praise the gurgling springs. Continue under the thick shade of the forest trees, among climber plants and ferns that will lead you back to Glyki. Try to discover more of the area’s glory by hiking from Skala Tzavelena to Souli’s Plateau (a village called Samoniva). On your way there you’ll get to appreciate the impressive gorge of Acheron and the scenery’s alternations.

Info: The river at one point gets very narrow and the surrounding rocks seem to prohibit entering. These rocks in the past used to meet at the top, giving the impression of a Gate which they called ‘The Gates of Hades’. Your final destination Samoniva is one of Souli’s villages.

Vyros Gorge

Vyros Gorge in found just outside of Kardamyli in Messinian Mani. Its wild beauty resembles that of Samaria Gorge. It is surrounded by various signposted paths, which go through some picturesque villages with Byzantine Churches and wonderful stone buildings. You can walk until Vyros river springs (2 hours and 30 minutes duration). After that the gorge becomes difficult to walk through. Close to Vyros springs, several old flour mills are still preserved. The route starts from old Kardamyli by going up inside the gorge. After almost an hour you will see the white/red sign that leads to Likaki monastery. Continuing towards the gorge's bed and after an hour you will reach Soteiros monastery located in the right side of the gorge. There is a visible pathway that goes upwards and leads directly to Pedino settlement.

Info: Stretching for 20 kilometers, Vyros Gorge is formed by the streams flowing from the peek of Chalasmeno Vouno (meaning Broken Mountain) and the plateau which is home to the magnificent Vasiliki Forest.

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