A destination full of surprises

The coastal town of Loutraki, built at the foot of Geraneia Mountains, is approximately 4 km from the town of Corinth and 84 km from Athens. Loutraki is a popular tourist resort, known for its natural mineral and therapeutic springs since the 1930s, but also one of the most luxurious Casino Resorts in Europe. The modern spa town, situated along the coastline of the Corinthian Gulf, is vibrant and active throughout the year, but mostly during the summer months.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art thermal facilities, high-standard conference centres, beautiful and pristine beaches, numerous accommodation, dining, and entertainment options, proximity to notable archaeological and religious monuments, museums, and natural landmarks, Loutraki is an ideal tourist destination throughout the whole year.
In antiquity, at the location of Loutraki, there was the ancient village of Thermae or Thermes, famous for its healing springs. Artemis Thermia was its protector. The first written mention of the water of Loutraki is in the "Hellenica" of the Athenian historian Xenophon.

Explore Loutraki

Start your journey at the historic Corinth Canal and the Ancient Diolkos in Poseidonia. Then continue your trip to the western tip of the Perachora Peninsula for an incredible dive into history! Visit the Archaeological site of Heraion in Perachora and swim at the nearby beach overlooking the antiquities, for an extraordinary experience! Alternatively, swim in the unique lake-sea Vouliagmeni and enjoy the enchanting sunset from the impressive Melagavi Lighthouse, one of the largest lighthouses in the Corinthian Gulf.

On the side of the Saronic Gulf, visit the Archaeological Museum as well as the Archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia, where the Isthmian Games used to be held in antiquity. Admire part of the preserved Hexamilion Wall (also known as the Justinian Wall), which is believed to have been built for the first time during the reign of Theodosius II in order to fortify the Peloponnese against the threat of the Barbarians’ invasions.

You can also visit the archaeological site of the Roman Villa in the region of Katounistra, while at a short distance there is Acrocorinth and its castle with a unique view of the Corinthian Gulf, as well as the Archaeological site of Ancient Corinth with its museum. 

Around the area of Loutraki you can visit several churches such as Agios Andreas, Agios Georgios, Agios Fanourios, and Panagia Giatrissa, as well as monasteries, with the most significant being that of Agios Nikolaos Neos (11th century), Osios Patapios, where the Saint’s relic is preserved, and the historical Monastery of Panagia tou Prathi (11th century) on the slopes of Geraneia. Also, visit the basilica of Agios Dimitrios (1750) with its remarkable frescoes and the church of the Seven Maccabees.

During the summer, indulge in the magic of one of the two outdoor cinemas in Loutraki. The unique combination of mountain and sea, the mild climate, the natural environment, and international events, with the most famous being that of Rally Acropolis, attract visitors throughout the year.

Eating in Loutraki

Along the beach of Loutraki and overlooking the sea, you will find many fish taverns with local products, steakhouses, Greek and international cuisine restaurants, as well as fast-food establishments for the street food lovers.

If you are a wine enthusiast, note that throughout the year, you can easily reach the nearby town of Nemea, one of the most important wine destinations in Greece with plenty of wineries, and get to know the famous local variety, Agiorgitiko.

Daily trips near Loutraki

During the summer, it’s worth visiting Alkyonides, a complex of four islands in the Corinthian gulf. You can access their excellent beaches by boat from Loutraki or from the Strava cove.

Take a trip to the coastal settlement of Schinos (28 km N of Loutraki) and the beach of Mavrolimni (6 km NE of Schinos) with its private marina. This beach got its name (mavro means black in Greek) from its volcanic and dark bottom. On the slopes of Geraneia, visit the picturesque village of Pisia (18 km from Loutraki) with its famous treehouse of the Forest.

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