Beaches of Epidaurus

When you visit the Epidaurus area in East Peloponnese, you’ll find beautiful seaside destinations with great beaches shaded by pine trees. Dive in crystal clear waters, go snorkelling & scuba diving, and discover a sunken ancient city;

Go swimming in Vagionia, a sandy and pebbly tree-shaded beach in Ancient Epidaurus, and relax by the seaside. The village centre is very close to the beach, so you can walk to it. It’s also easily accessible by people with disabilities.

From Vagionia, continue on foot towards Kalamaki beach, you’ll get there in no time. This one too is a tree-shaded beach, a bit quieter that Vagionia, if you’re looking for some peace & quiet. Polemarcha is in the Ancient Epidaurus area, too: visit its two beaches with crystal clear waters and a pine tree forest that shades the entire shoreline.
If you’d rather visit a beach with amenities, one that is ideal for children and water sports lovers, then Gialasi in Ancient Epidaurus is the one for you. Aliotou beach in Nea Epidavros (New Epidaurus) and Nisi beach in Ancient Epidaurus are two beautiful beaches, which people with disabilities can easily access.

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to dive in the ‘sunken city’ area, which is considered to be the local Atlantis. The view of Methana volcano is impressive; you’ll enjoy swimming and snorkelling there. You can get fine underwater views of a part of the ancient city which got submerged after the volcanic explosion, very close to today’s shoreline. You’ll get a clear view of Mycenaean graves, amphorae and walls, even with the naked eye. In some parts, you can see the remains of the ancient pier. Swim over this very special seabed, as colourful fishes pass you by. Make sure you wear water shoes or flippers, as there are sea urchins on the seabed. It’ll be a fantastic experience!