Beaches of Kalymnos

It’s said that Kalymnos owes its name to the “beauty of the waters that lap against its beaches”.

Taking this into consideration, it is only natural that on the island you will come across dreamy beaches, ideal for unforgettable fun dives!

One of the most popular beaches is the sandy beach of Masouri, 9km west of Pothia. Therma is the closest beach to Pothia, only 2km away, while Vlychadia (5 km away from Pothia) consists actually of two beaches, a sandy and a pebbly one.

Linaria is a family beach, while younger people opt for the cosmopolitan Kantouni beach. Platys Gialos is renowned for its black sand and is suitable for fishing. Emporeios is a favourite among wind and kite surfing lovers. If you want to escape the crowds choose the Bay of Arginontes or the beaches Almyres, Drasonta, Pezonta, Palionisos, Sikati and Petronta, which are accessible only by boat.