View of the traditional village, built on the foothills of the mountain, with many trees all around


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A Traditional Gem on the Slope of Mount Mainalo

The traditional settlement of Stemnitsa is built by the gorge of Loussios River and in the fir forest of Mainalo.

Apart from the natural beauty and the fascinating history, the area is well-known for its silversmiths and goldsmiths too, who make rings, crosses, brooches, kitchenware for domestic use, silver icons and candlesticks for the churches.

A story of two thriving centuries of fine art (1700-1900) is told by the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa, the source of inspiration for the students of the School of Silversmithery and Goldsmithery of the village. Here, the knowledge and the artistry of the old come to an artful wedding with the fresh ideas and the imagination of the young to dynamically boost hand-made jewellery into the 21st century.

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From Athens via Olympia Road, to Corinth-Tripoli Road, the journey lasts 3 hours. From Thessaloniki via PATHE (Athens-Thessaloniki) continuing through Corinth-Tripoli Road the journey lasts 8 hours.

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