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A City-Break in Greece

Each Greek city has its own special colour and character. Even cities with only a short distance between them have completely different features and qualities. Most coastal cities are, more often than not, situated only at a stone’s throw from mountainous destinations. Athens, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Alexandroupoli, Volos, Kalamata, Patras and Nafpaktos are typical examples. Within a short space of time, the visitor can explore the cities as well as the nature nearby.

Kavala, for example, is a seaside city. Its assets include a picturesque seafront and harbour as well as beaches in the city outskirts, like Palio, Nea Irakleitsa, Nea Peramos, and many others. Within a short distance visit the archaeological site of Philippoi and Mount Pangaion, a fascinating mountain, which is home to Byzantine monasteries and traditional villages, amidst lush nature. You can also take the ferry boat and travel to the island of Thasos in less than an hour.

Heraklion - the largest city of Crete and one of Greece’s major urban centres- flourished under a multicultural influence throughout the centuries; that’s why there is a plethora of ByzantineVenetian and Ottoman structures to look out for! The city’s landmark is the 16th c. Koules fortress in the westernmost side of the old Venetian port, which along with the fortification walls (dating back to the same period) are among the most significant and imposing sights.

Most Greek cities are known for their rich history and culture. The museums showcase priceless artifacts, attracting many visitors. The exhibits include ancient Greek and Roman monuments, and items dated to the Byzantine and Ottoman Period. The urban architecture in many cities is a mixture of Byzantine, Ottoman and 19th century neo-classical buildings which stand next to contemporary buildings.

The Greek cities adore the arts, letters and sciences. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy and/or take part in festivals, conferences, cultural activities, concerts and theatrical performances that take place throughout Greece. Greek cities never sleep. The Greek hospitality will make the visitor feel among friends. There is a large variety of attractive restaurants, nightclubs, luxury hotels and traditional guesthouses that will make anyone feel at home.

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