A beach with greenish blue waters, redish rocks and pine trees


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A green island in the Saronic Gulf

Agistri is a small pine-clad island, with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters; it’s a popular destination for all those keen on outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking or horse riding. The place is ideal for those of you who wish to take a break from your daily routine, and enjoy some peace and quiet, long walks in the countryside, great food and lovely beaches.
Since ancient times, Megalochori (the island capital) has been a safe haven for ships which carried goods and supplies to its harbour. Over the ages, Agistri shared the history of neighbouring Aegina Island. Legend has it that it was part of the kingdom of Aiakos of Aegina, and it is believed that modern-day Agistri was ancient Kekryfaleia, known to have been an ally of Aegina during the Trojan War.  
There are three villages on the island: Megalochori, Limenaria, and Skala. Visit them, get to know the local traditions, and taste delicious local dishes. Stroll along the island’s picturesque little alleys, visit the traditional coffee houses and the windmill.
Seaside village with tiled rooftops, a white washed church with a blue dome and an islet in the background
Myth has it that the island’s name, Agistri (meaning “hook”), is owed to travellers who reached its shores and were captured by, “hooked” on its beauty, and inevitably grew a longing to stay there permanently.



The island capital is a charming little town where you will find several hotels, tavernas and popular beaches. Its natural harbour offers berths to flying dolphins and ferry boats. Skala is the island’s second harbour, on the NE shores. During the summer, there are bus routes connecting all villages and most of the beaches, so if you don’t have a car, fret not, hop on the bus!

Make sure you visit:
  • Zoodochos Pigi Cathedral and St. George’s Church.
  • The single windmill of the island, with the date 1812 carved on it.
  • The ruins of an ancient quarry and cist graves.
  • Metopi, an islet which used to be Agistri’s vineyard.
  • Limenaria, (4.5 km S), the island’s third village, a traditional hamlet with a few houses built among the pine trees.
  • The lake on Aponisos location, near Limenaria.
Aponisos islet, which is separated from Agistri by a narrow strip of sea; and Dorousa islet, with the picturesque chapel of Profitis Ilias, on the hilltop. They are both facing the SW shores of Agistri.


Four popular festivals take place on Agistri.

  • Zoodochos Pigi feast (the Life-Giving Fountain, i.e Virgin Mary), celebrated on Friday after Easter Sunday
  • Agioi Anargyroi feast day (July 1st)
  • Agia Kyriaki feast day (July 7th)
  • Dormition of the Mother of God feast day (August 15th)
Agistri has a 13 square km surface, and it is only 28 km away from Piraeus. There are frequent ferry routes from Piraeus, to Aegina, Agistri, Poros, Hydra, & Spetses islands as well as Methana town.
Tip: Most ferries will allow the free transport of a bicycle. So, why not take your bike to Agistri and discover the countryside and villages at your own pace!

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