Traditional Products of Agistri

This green island in the Saronic Gulf is a lesser-known destination that is absolutely worth visiting. You will enjoy your walk along the paths that wind their way through the dense pine trees, especially if you’re a nature lover.

There are many fragrant herbs which will perfume the air along your way. Many of them have valuable properties and the first settlers on the island learned how to use them to cure a number of diseases by creating various potions, poultices, ointments, and herbal remedies with them. Chamomile, oregano, rosemary, many thyme varieties and sage are some of the plants whose scents will follow you as you explore Agistri. The stony and seaside areas of the island are preferred by caper bushes.


Green wrinkled olives
It’s the perfect olive as an appetizer or side dish with a very rich taste, not bitter at all. They are sold whole, scored, or cracked, preserved in brine or olive oil.

Pine Honey
The extensive areas of pine forest on the island are the source areas for this special kind of honey that is produced in the eastern Mediterranean basin; it’s rich in trace elements, very fragrant and highly nutritious.

Wines from different grape varieties, but mostly from the Roditis variety with pine resin (retsina) or not.

The strong local tsipouro (a type of distilled spirit) is produced from various grape varieties of the island and is prepared in a traditional rakokazano (a distillation cauldron) on the island.

Fresh Fish
Fresh fish caught off the island coast and in the Saronic Gulf.