Beaches of Agistri

It's time to swim

You’ll find a variety of beaches on Agistri Island to suit your taste and enjoy water sports, such as Ksekofti, Megalochori, Mikri Dragonera, Megali Dragonera, Aponisos, and Skala. If you prefer secluded beaches, head for Lake Aponisos area, Magisa, Bariama, and Mariza. Let's get to know some of them..


Skala’s landmark is the impressive blue-domed white church of Agioi Anargyroi; the long beach with the golden sand is located about 100 metres from the harbour. Skala beach offers various amenities to visitors, particularly as many of them are guests at nearby hotels. It is an ideal place for families with small children as the waters are shallow and crystal-clear. Services such as sun loungers and beach umbrellas are available, and there are several cafés along the beach line.


Skliri is a secluded beach, located against a pine-covered hill area, which can offer you real peace and quiet. The adventurous among you can follow the 500-metre narrow path towards the pristine beach of Chalikiada. After a short trip through fragrant pine trees, you will reach a beautiful cove, with a large pebble beach and transparent waters. It is considered one of the most picturesque beaches on Agistri, but it is also hard to reach and this is why sometimes it is preferred by nudists. It can be accessed either on foot along the path or by boat.


Take the coastal road from Skala, and follow it for two kilometres until you reach Megalochori or Mylos, the island capital. You’ll find several beautiful pebble and sandy beaches for swimming.


The beach includes Mikri Dragonera (Bachas) beach and Megali Dragonera beach and it is located in the west part of the island with a thick pine forest embracing the seashore and creating a dreamy landscape. Access to Mikri Dragonera is possible only on foot through a path, but it is absolutely worth visiting. You will be amazed at the picture-perfect setting of the pine trees reaching up to the shore. Just make sure you bring some provisions with you. There’s a wooden sign that you’ll see on your way to the pebble beach of Megali Dragonera, which reads: ‘Attention! You are entering an area of 100% positive energy. Check your dreams!’ Megali Dragonera is one of the greenest and most beautiful beaches on the island and it’s a popular destination in the summertime. You’ll find sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach and there’s also a canteen where you can listen to music and enjoy your refreshment(s).


If you like cliff diving, then Limenaria is your place to be! It’s a picturesque village with a few houses. Visit the area of ​​Mariza - its small harbour lies at a 200-metre distance from Limenaria and it’s a spot of great beauty you’ll definitely enjoy visiting.


Continue westwards after Limenaria, and you’ll reach the beautiful Aponisos beach, where you will enjoy your stay amid green surroundings of fragrant pine. You can try delicious seafood and fish dishes with your ouzo drink in the nearby little taverna by the seashore. Make sure you also visit the off the beaten track Bariama beach, north of Aponisos beach, and drink in the wonderful sunset view over the Saronic Gulf.