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Romantic spots in Athens

Athens is the capital of our historical memory and a city offering short-distance outings on the mountain or by the sea. It is considered as one of the most charming cities, in Europe and beyond. Any time of the year, on a 24-hour basis you will find numerous hang-outs that will offer you fascinating views of the city.
Still, there are certain romantic areas preferred by love birds for their rendezvous. Come with us and we will let you in on the ones considered as … classic!

Romancing in a historical ambience

Start at Thiseio neighbourhood, and stroll along Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian way. Buy beautiful souvenirs from outdoor stalls and hum along with the street musicians. Stop by Vrachakia, a famous spot at the foot of sacred Acropolis rock; it is the ideal location for watching the breathtaking Attican sunset. If however walking is not your forte, you can hire a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy the ride.
If you happen to lose track of time and night falls before you know it, so much the better! You’re only a short walk away from Plaka, the ‘neighbourhood of the gods’. Tasteful houses with blooming flowerbeds as well as renovated grand buildings of the neoclassical period coexist with picturesque little tavernas and picture-perfect cafes. Stroll along the lovely meandrous alleys that echo the whispers of a 6000-year old past. Walk up to Anafiotika and you will feel the island ambience of this place. Offer yourself the experience of a mental journey to the past.

Love that reaches the stars

Do you find the idea of a romantic journey to the stars thrilling? You should then visit Planetarium [Eugenides Foundation], one of the largest planetaria in the world with top scientific gear, and hold hands with your partner as you enjoy this special trip to other galaxies, through a super sophisticated system of three dimensional virtual reality.
If you prefer a more down to earth situation, walk up Nymfon Hill, in the centre of Thiseio locality. The National Observatory of Athens will welcome you for a tour in its impressive interior, or for a night observation of the universe using Doridis telescope. Choose the brightest star and offer it a name!

Romancing by the seashore

The Athenian Riviera is a must-visit area, approximately thirty minutes away from the city centre. Walk by the marinas, go shopping in the local malls, dine by the seashore and have fun in the popular night clubs on the waterfront along Poseidonos Avenue.
The area’s trendy spots are Marina Floisvou, a nice place for a romantic bike ride next to your better half, Vouliagmeni, a cosmopolitan neighbourhood, Vrachakia, Varkiza, a place for relaxing on your own under the starlit sky, and Lagonisi for a romantic walk on the golden sand while you drink in the sunset view.

Romancing while enjoying the view

Green hills surround the urban web and offer great opportunities for you to enjoy with your partner a panoramic view of Athens. The Lycabettus Hill rises in Kolonaki neighbourhood, which is the highest point within the city centre. If you don't fear the climb up the steps, go ahead and reach its top to enjoy the view. Another option for you is to board the cable car that starts at Ploutarchou St. You will find that the amazing view over Athens, Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf is a very rewarding experience. On the hilltop you can visit St. George’s chapel as well as the nearby open air theatre.

Philopappou Hill has been known since the ancient times as the ‘Hill of the Muses’, it lies at a short distance from the Acropolis Rock and is easily accessible on foot. Follow the slab-paved little street that leads to historic Pnyka, the place where great orators used to address their audiences in ancient times and let your eyes wander to the historic city centre and –weather permitting- all the way to the Saronic Gulf.
Strefi Hill is a favourite rendezvous spot for the young and for off-the-beaten track couples. Situated a few feet away from Exarchion Sq., it is the right place for you to enjoy a panoramic view of Athens, from the northern suburbs to Lycabettus Hill, the Acropolis Rock and to the sea.

Verdant Ardittos Hill lies above Panathenaic (aka Kallimarmaro) Stadium, and once up there you will get a great view of the Acropolis Rock, Lycabettus and the Columns of the Olympian Zeus. Walk along its uphill paths, discover its secrets and, at sunset, head down to Mets neighbourhood for a night out at the local bars!

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