Admiring the sunset

The time of the day when the sun waves goodbye, it’s a time that casts magic on nature. Wonderful colours make up the backdrop against which the celestial traveler leaves its daily scene. A divine glow fills the sky, while the sea, the clouds and the horizon sparkle with purple red light. The sun flies away for its nighttime migration and time stands still as if this moment was never to come again. Words are not enough to describe what the senses feel. Only the hearts beat faster and the minds take long, imaginary trips.


Kissing the sun goodbye

Wherever in Greece, neither your eyes nor your soul will have enough of beauty while the sun is setting. Take your cameras along and capture the gorgeous moments of the sun…

• Sliding behind the castle of Methoni, the castle of Bourtzi in Nafplio, or the walls of a tower town
• Diving into the waters of the vast beach of Falasarna on Crete, the beach of Myrtos on Kefalonia, or those of a secluded cove on the islands of the Minor Cyclades
• Lighting Portara of Naxos or the Τemple of Poseidon in Sounion
• Colouring the white of Chora on Anafi, or Plaka on Milos
• Kissing the peaks of Mt Olympus and Mt Pelion
• Covering with purple the surface of the sea or of a lake
• Wishing good evening to the picturesque villages of Thassos and Tinos

But the best is yet to come: the most renowned sunset spot in Greece – and probably one of the most famous in the world - is Santorini. Thousands of romantic visitors to the island climb on the tops of the roofs in Oia, Fira and Imerovigli to immortalize the breathtaking panorama. And at the moment when the sun drowns in the Aegean Sea, right across the volcanic islands of Nea and Palaia (meaning new and old) Kameni, they burst into applause.

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Youth Trips

The sun, the sea, the beach. Various activities all year round, the night bursting with life and pleasure, the food intriguously tasty. This is Greece, and young people carry it with their memories, lingering in the need to visit again.

Family holidays

The magical thing of Greece is that each season of the year has numerous activities to offer, due to its landscape variety.

Luxury Holidays

Everyone has the need to experience the feeling of a luxury trip with high-class amenities. Luxury is not determined just by the cost, but by one’s disposition to bask in the care and attention of people who know the art of hospitality.