Pindos National Park

The National Park of Pindos (Valia Kalda) comprises a representative section of the mountain range of Pindos. It was founded in 1966 and is characterized by dense forests Pinus nigra and Fagus sylvatica, rocky mountain ridges, high peaks (about 2,000 m), rushing rivers and many springs and mountain lakes. The zone of the nucleus spans over the largest section of the valley of Valia Kalda and the slopes of the neighboring peaks.

From the valley two small mountains streams begin, the Salatouras and the Zesto Rema which meet a larger one the Arkoudorema. There are also three small mountain lakes in the region. The forest of Pinus nigra is the type of vegetation which predominates in the area, starting from the Arkoudorema stream at 1,300 m and reaching up to 1,700 m. The forest of Fagus sylvatica covers the northern slopes up to an altitude of 1,800 m.

Of great significance is the presence of Pinus heldreichii, which grow from 1,500 m on upwards to the peaks and usually appear standing alone. The dry regions and lower points of the valley are characterized by the prevalence of Buxus sempervirens. Among the individual trees of Pinus nigra and Fagus sylvatica, individual trees of Abies borisii-regis are interspersed.

“The area constitutes a natural reserve for many species of plants and animals. The most important spots where rare plants gather are the peaks: Aftia, Flega and Kapetan Klidi. Of equal importance are the western slopes of the peak Kakoplevri and in particular the spot of “Koufala” which lies outside of the nucleus.These spots are extremely steep and hard to access for the grazing animals. Therefore, in this area the natural rebirth of the forest evolves naturally and many rare plants are preserved".

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