Mt. Smolikas Dragon Lake

It is located on a 2,200 m. elevation on Greece’s second highest mountain, Smolikas. It occupies an area of approx. 3,000-4,000 m2, its perimeter is about 380 human steps and it is a very deep lake. What makes it unique is its singular shape resembling a heart and the intense blue colour of its waters, that’s why it is also called the blue lake! The sheer beauty of it will tempt visitors to go for a swim in the crystal-clear yet very cold waters. The flora by the lakeshore and nearby areas includes violas, orchids, wood violets, saxifrages and lilies, creating a truly bewitching sight!

Start off from any one of the following villages: Pades, Palioseli, Samarina and Agia Paraskevi (Kerasovo). The route will take you through some of most beautiful hiking trails in Greece, as you will cross forests of black pine, beech, fir and white pine.


It is very similar to the one referring to Mt Tymfi Dragon Lake, only the winner here is Mt Smolikas dragon over the dragon of Mt Tymfi and not the other way round as claimed by Mt. Tymfi locals!

The dragon on Mt. Smolikas used tricks to win his opponent, as he chose to throw balls of salt at the other dragon instead of stones. His opponent swallowed the salt balls, got terribly thirsty and he drank so much water that he died.

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