Souma from Rhodes

Souma is a  dodecanese alternative of ouzo or raki, which is going to amaze you! In Rhodes, it is mainly made from grape marc and wine, which makes the Rhodian Souma so special. You will find souma everywhere in restaurants, or even at cafes.

When adding water or ice in Souma, it turns white with water like Ouzo does. Remember to take it easy with Souma, as it is very strong; so make sure you eat while you drink! Souma is best served cold.

When visiting the island, you can visit a distillery, in order to see how souma is made. You can visit distilleries at the village of Sianna or Embonas, every end of September. The grapes are removed from the stem, pressed to extract their juice which is then boiled in large cauldrons and poured into barrels that are placed in a cool place.