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Kitro of Naxos

The Greek liqueur made of leaves.

Flourishing on the Cycladic island of Naxos, the citron tree produces citron leaves from which the exclusive Kitro liqueur is made. It is considered the driest and strongest of all Greek liqueurs with 36% vol.

Despite its high alcohol content, Kitro of Naxos is particularly sweet and aromatic, making it a favourite of even those who do not like strong distillates. It is a PDO product, produced in three main versions: white (strongest), green and yellow - making them very distinctive.

Kitro of Naxos is a particularly elegant and aromatic spirit drink. Once served, it displays delicate aromas of sweet citrus fruits on the nose that follow through to the palate. It is drunk in destillate glasses and not only aids digestion, but is particularly pleasant as well. Moreover, it is rather mild and friendly on the palate, which is why it is preferred even by those who avoid the strongest of distillates. It can be used in cocktails and long drinks.