Wines of Rhodes

Vineyards on the island of the knights!

Rhodes delicious dishes are served with savoury local wines from the island’s wineries which keep their long lasting tradition that dates back to antiquity. The wineries produce excellent wine and have been internationally awarded.

The Vineyards of Rhodes benefit from the sunshine and the frequent rainfall as well as the cool sea breeze from May to September. Winters are short with plenty of rain, on the other hand there is no rain during the growing season. During the summer's heat the cool winds help the soil temperature for good wine making.

Winemakers have improved the local varieties and implemented the growth of some foreign varieties.

Taste the white Moschato varietal renowned from ancient times, the Athiri and Mandilaria (known as Amorgiano on the island), the Moschato Trani and Asyrtiko. Another important cultivar is the white Muscat, which yields sweet wines.