The Ultimate Guide to Greece’s Best Yoga Destinations

Greece was always an important center of spirituality ever since the ancient times, with a huge tradition of offering people the tools to find themselves, from oracles to temples and beyond. Considering also the natural beauty and gentle climate of Greek islands, it’s no wonder that Greece became such a popular yoga destination in modern days.Here is the surprise, though: Greece didn’t start being a yoga destination only recently, with the worldwide popularity and revival of yoga. There is evidence that ancient Greece practiced various forms of meditation extremely similar to the guided mindfulness practices of today. The official name for this spiritual practice was henosis, meaning ‘one-pointed awareness’, from heno, which means ‘one’. Considering also this rich tradition, it’s even more obvious that the grounds of Greece are the perfect place for practicing yoga.

Greece at a Glance

greece aerial view over santorini

Also dubbed the cradle of European civilization and the birthplace of democracy, Greece is first and foremost about culture and mythology. Much of the beliefs and stories that shaped the entire European civilization come from Greece, not to mention the philosophy that shaped current political thought and logic or debate traditions. But none of these matter in comparison to the lush Greek vegetation and charming views under the open sky!

This Mediterranean gem of a country is remarkable especially through the wealth and diversity of its geography. If you are a mountain person you can find plenty of hiking trails and incredible views to explore the heights of Greece. If you’re more of a seaside person, the fine sands and clear azure waters of Greece’s beaches will make you never want to leave.

The Best Destinations to Do Yoga in Greece

1. Santorini

santorini panorama

Santorini is such a beautiful place that many couples choose it as their honeymoon destination. As a yoga destination, Santorini can be even more magical. It consists of an entire group of islands with rugged coastlines, overlooking an underwater volcanic crater that shaped their unique beauty. The whitewashed houses of the fishing villages that are ending abruptly over the high coastlines make Santorini unforgettable as well.

2. Crete


The mythical birthplace of the minotaur and home to the ancient labyrinth, Crete is an important archeological site of the world, but there is so much more to see beyond that, too. The coastline of the island is littered with some of the finest beaches in the region (sands as smooth as silk), while the inland offers the White Mountains, perfect for light hikes or mountain bikes. Sailing is also a popular past-time of those who vacation in Crete, so besides the yoga activities you sign up for, you’ll definitely have enough exciting things to do.

3. Kos

island of kos greece

One of the most popular Greek islands, Kos is another remarkable beach destination, rich in fine sands and bursting with interesting ancient ruins to visit. If you like enjoying a walk in a Mediterranean beach paradise while also being able to admire well-preserved ancient Roman and Greek sites, Kos is the ideal destination for you. If you’re not that interested in history, though, no need to worry: the natural beauty of Kos makes it a charming vacation destination besides all the man-made sites you can visit.

4. Paros

paros island view of bay

The beautiful little island of Paros is not only the perfect place to relax and enjoy fresh seafood deliciously cooked; it’s also home to several yoga schools offering dream-like yoga retreats to help you reconnect with yourself. The island is full of beaches and traditional fishing villages waiting to be explored in between yoga sessions. Even better, it’s a hub for exploring the Cyclades region as well, a group of islands that are a huge tourist attraction.

5. Zakynthos


One of the most famous summer resorts in Greece, the island of Zakynthos is also home to a large yoga community. There are several yoga schools that offer the ideal place to practice yoga away from home and rediscover your joy of life in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The most famous beaches of this charming island (Tsilivi, Agios Nikolaos or Alykanas) also offer a rich diversity of water sports to try.

Yoga Holidays in Greece

8 Days Wellness Yoga Retreat in Kos

yoga retreat in kos

If you are usually torn between a yoga-themed vacation and a pampering getaway filled with visits to the spa, this retreat in Kos is perfect for you. The vacation package has it all, from a trip to the historical thermal baths to daily yoga and meditation sessions and a mindful focus on wellness. After taking this rejuvenating yoga vacation in Kos, you will feel not only more relaxed but also more experienced in creating the same kind of wellness practice at home.

2. 8 Days Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Santorini

yoga retreat in santorini

In this Greek yoga vacation, you will have a chance to practice relaxed yoga and meditation sessions in literally the most beautiful island in the world. While focusing on awareness and your inner peace of mind, your gaze will be lost in endless azure seas and skies, with only the white of bungalows creating a color contrast. The certified instructors will teach your body new ways of being fluid, and your overall mobility and wellness will improve greatly after this one-week yoga vacation.

3. 8 Days Yoga Wellbeing Retreat in Crete

yoga retreat in crete

Looking for a relaxing way to spend a week in a dreamy location, doing yoga and eating delicious food while you boost up your energy levels? This yoga retreat in Crete is the perfect place to start. You will enjoy pleasant days under the gentle sun, with all meals covered, as well as walks on the beach, rounds of swimming and some ‘alone time’ to explore whatever you want from your surroundings. The focus of the retreat is prana exercises and meditation, making it one of the most relaxing trips you can take.

4. 7 Days Authentic Yoga with Oona Giesen in Paros

yoga retreat in paros

The Paros island is home to the yoga school of Oona Giesen, a contemporary yoga teacher who had the chance to study with legends and pioneers of the field. Voted as the best luxury retreat in Europe, this week-long getaway on Paros is a special experience that should be attained by any yogi. Suitable for beginners and more experienced yogis alike, Oona’s school is a chance for everyone to learn true yoga, devoid of unnecessary artifice and pomp.

5. 8 Days Meditation and Zen Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos

aqua yoga gym in zakynthos retreat

This gentle yoga retreat focuses on Nidra yoga and meditation practices, making it ideal for relaxation and finding yourself. Suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners, it’s really more of an opportunity to unwind and take a mental break from everything while exploring the natural beauty of everything around. There is also some alone time in the daily schedule, perfect for visiting the island’s attractions or for further rest.

Bonus: Aerial Yoga Retreat in Marathon, Greece!

aerial yoga retreat in marathon greece

I couldn’t resist adding this yoga retreat to the list of the best yoga vacations in Greece! Even though it’s not located in the top 5 destinations discussed here, it’s an amazing experience to have for any yogi. If you’re not experienced in aerial yoga, don’t worry: the retreat welcomes beginners and intermediate practitioners alike. It’s all about the fun and exciting days you’re going to spend there, and the friends you will make.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Greece

If you’re looking to get your yoga teacher certificate while having an amazing vacation in Greece, we’ve got you covered on this one, too! Here are just 3 such retreats to get you started on planning your next journey.

28 Days 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Crete, Greece

yoga teacher training in crete, greece

With all-inclusive accommodation and daily meals offered, this yoga teacher training course focuses on giving you everything you need to improve yourself and become the teacher you dream to be. You will learn how to expand your mental and physical boundaries and you will also become more knowledgeable about the human anatomy, yoga history, mantras and mudras, asanas and much more. It’s an all-around yoga education, and the end of the course will bring you a certificate recognized by the Yoga Alliance. If you dream about enlightening others and helping them lead better lives themselves, this is the perfect place to start.

8 Days Continuing Yoga Teacher Training Education in Attica, Greece

yoga teacher training in attica greece

If you already have some yoga teacher training done, and if you’re also looking for a shorter stay, this retreat is perfect for you. This Yoga Alliance course gives you the opportunity to improve yourself further in a dreamy vacation setting, to meet like-minded people and to achieve a deeper understanding of yoga. Upon completion, the course offers you credit redeemable with the Yoga Alliance to secure your status as an advanced yoga teacher.

3 Days SUP Yoga Teacher Training in Kriopigi, Greece

yoga teacher training sup paddle in greece

For an even shorter stay that still teaches you valuable and exciting skills for passing knowledge on to others, this SUP yoga teacher training is ideal. You will spend 3 days having fun on the paddleboard and learning the essentials for replicating this experience with your own students afterward. A free photo shoot of you looking amazing on the paddleboard is included, as well as 2 daily meals and equipment rental. What are you waiting for? By  Miriam Cihodariu | BookYogaRetreats.com