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Mythology & love

Eros. THE God!

Fatal star of the Greek mythology, this flying and playful sweet pain of a God leaves no one unbothered, from mighty Gods to common mortals. It is him who empowered Zeus to seduce Europa at the Diktaean Cave; it is him who invigorated Orpheus to cross the Acheron river and win Eurydice back; it is still him who filled the heart of Paris of Troy with fatal passion for fair Helen of Sparta; and it is always him who kept Odysseus struggling to go back to his devoted Penelope in Ithaca.

The triumph of Love over Death

Orpheus, son of the muse Calliope, was devastated by the death of his wife Eurydice. With his weeping lyre he achieved to move the King and Queen of the dead, Hades and Persephone, and won himself a chance to claim the blossom of his heart back from the Kingdom of Silence. To do so, he had to cross the Acheron River, the watery border between Life and Death.

Zeus seduce Europa statue in Hague

Zeus seduces Europa

Apart from being the birthplace of Zeus, it’s this cave that the Nymphs and the Fairies meticulously turned into a bridal bed for the King of all Gods and Goddesses. And it’s the same place where the King, in the form of an omnipotent white bull, brought the abducted beauty of Europa the princess, to fill her with the seed of his love.

Odysseus and Penelope: love and devotion on Ithaca

When Odysseus set off for glorious days in Troy, his beloved wife, Penelope, was left alone to unwittingly excite the appetite of men for a gorgeous Queen. Before long, the palace was brimful of odious suitors who would flirt with the Queen persistently. What is more, they made Penelope promise she would marry one of them. To keep them at bay, she came up with a devise: she promised she would come to a wedding with the best of them when she would have finished weaving a shroud. So, she spent the daytime weaving it and the nighttime unweaving it. Thus doing, she managed to stay clear of the suitors for 20 whole years, until Odysseus returned to Ithaca.

Helen Menelaus

Fatal passion in Sparta

Surrounded by mounts Taýgetos and Párnon, Sparta was the kingdom of Menelaus and his beautiful queen, the most beautiful of all mortal women of her age, Helen. But Aphrodite had promised Paris of Troy the most beautiful woman on earth in return of a favour, so the Trojan prince came to Sparta to claim his trophy. He abducted Helen and travelled back to his homeland. Menelaus wanted his wife back and talked all the other kings of Greece into fighting against the Trojans. That’s pretty much how the most celebrated war of the myths started.

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