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Health and wellbeing in the land of Asclepius

Greece has a great tradition in health and wellbeing practices. The medical approach in ancient Greece, preserved intact in folk tradition, sees human as an indivisible ‘whole’; the soul, mind and body interact and health is considered a state of balance and good relations between the emotional world and the person’s natural state.

Greek medical tradition is based on mild forms of therapy. Healing spas, a balanced diet, herbal therapies, hypnotherapy, relaxing massage are just some of the ‘secrets’ that have survived from deep antiquity up to the present day.



Greece has over 800 medicinal spas, with various properties and uses. The composition of the water varies and makes each spa unique. Some waters are considered ideal for drinking, like those from Arcadian springs, which clearly have an analgesic and therapeutic action on stomach disorders. Other springs are considered excellent for skin conditions and chronic diseases of the bones and muscles, such as the springs in Aidipsos in Evia, Loutraki in the Peloponnese and Eleftheres in Kavala, and Pozar in Macedonia. The facilities here at these thermal springs include excellent amenities and constant medical supervision by trained staff that treats each case individually.

Sea water also has unparalleled therapeutic properties. Thalassotherapy centres throughout Greece, usually a part of luxury hotel facilities, offer a unique experience of wellbeing and relaxation.



Nature loves beauty

Natural cosmetics and grooming methods have a great tradition in Greece. Beauty is an internal process whose final stage is a dazzling appearance. A healthy and balanced body radiates strength and beauty.

The Greek diet, rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, helps the body centre itself and detoxify. Greek olive oil, wonderful fruits and healthy vegetables are indeed an elixir of youth.

Cosmetology using natural raw materials is widespread in Greece. Specialized stores stock a large variety of products that combine ancient secrets and more modern methods of research and production: vegetable skin-friendly colourings, skin-toning creams from natural products, beauty products that also help the face regain its vitality.



The healing environment

Apart from the special therapies one can enjoy at the many private and public wellness centres, Greek nature itself acts therapeutically to rejuvenate man. It is worthy of note that the ‘discovery’ of Greece by 19th century travellers was simply for reasons of rejuvenation. People from all over Europe arrived in Greece to revel in the therapeutic power of nature. The Mediterranean climate, with its mild winters and unbeatable sunshine, has always been a factor in balancing the human body. Greek mountains, with their ‘thin’ air and mild climate, were considered ideal places for fortifying the body and coastal regions were preferred by those needing mental stimulation.

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