Welcome to the birthland of Symposia, Festivals and the Olympic Games

The country’s location in the eastern Mediterranean region has contributed to establishing it as the ideal destination for conventions, meetings, events and international exhibitions. With a solid history that goes back over 4,000 years, Greece has hosted a wide range of events: from the ancient Olympic Games, symposia and the ancient festivals to contemporary mega-events, such as the European Capital of Culture and the Olympic Games; hallmark events such as the Athens Authentic Marathon and the Athens and Epidaurus Festival; and thousands of other major and minor public or private events.

The expertise and efficiency of Greek organisers, the excellent presentation of products, the modern techniques and support structures guarantee to participants a productive and memorable stay. So, go ahead, choose the right venue for your next event and enjoy the wonderful natural surroundings across the country. However, bear in mind that the periods from April to June and September to November can be a wise choice when planning your events, as they are the off tourist season for Greece.

For more info, contact the Hellenic Association of Professional Congress Organisers (HAPCO).

Scientific conferences in the land that gave birth to science
Greece has a large number of esteemed scientists, both here in the country and abroad. Greek scientists, with their inventions, innovations and research work, play a leading part in the international scientific community. Numerous important scientific conferences take place in Greece, reflecting  the significance the country places on innovative science. Medical, architectural, natural and humanistic scientific conferences enrich Greece’s cultural life, and at the same time give participants the opportunity to experience the cradle of science.

Prestigious exhibitions at the crossroads of nations
Greece is situated at the heart of the Mediterranean, in close proximity to many nations. Major trade exhibitions, such as the Thessaloniki International Fair, are institutions whose prestige has gained them a significant place in the global market. Special exhibitions on architecture, building, hi-tech products, sustainable economy and development, and on many other subjects are held all year round in many parts of the country, attracting both professionals from all over the world and the public. The expertise and efficiency of Greek organizers ensures that the excellent presentation of products, techniques and support structures, at a reception level, guarantee participants a productive and unforgettable stay.

In the aftermath of Sikelianos’ Delphic Festivals
Events in Greece involving poetry and more generally speaking, the literary adventure, can be traced far back in time. It goes without saying that a country that has borne so many great poets, from ancient Alkmanas to modern-day Elytis, has played a leading role in the world of letters.
Exquisite, emblematic locations, like Delphi in Central Greece and Arcadia in the Peloponnese, frequently host symposia and seminars on poetry, literature and modern prose writing, as well as tributes to great writers, both Greek and foreign.

Major universities, like those of Thessaloniki, the Aegean Islands, Athens, Ioannina, cooperate with corresponding institutions abroad to organize notable conferences that promote cultural contact between men, while at the same time giving participants and the public the chance to get to know beautiful Greece.

Floating conferences: sailing into knowledge
Floating conference tourism is an emerging trend in Greece. Participants from all over the world choose the clear-blue Greek seas and develop their topics in the most ideal surroundings, a ship slicing through the glassy waters. Mooring berths throughout the islands provide top-notch hospitality and allow visitors to combine the enjoyment they derive from their scientific field with exploration of the Greek marine environment.

With a paint-brush and a chisel
Apart from being a place of inspiration for creators, Greece provides them with a warm embrace during their quests. New and established artists exhibit their work in large urban galleries, but frequently also on Greek islands or in small traditional settlements.It is not unusual for a visitor to one of the larger or smaller Greek islands or to an inland village or town to stumble upon an outdoor sculpture exhibition or enjoy an exhibition of the work of emerging artists. At the same time all year round conferences and exchanges take place on visual topics, attended by elite representatives of the international community. Art historians, art critics, creators and the public all play their part in promoting the arts and the exchange of knowledge, techniques and world views.

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Family holidays

The magical thing of Greece is that each season of the year has numerous activities to offer, due to its landscape variety.

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