Cobbled streets with traditional stone buildings with plants on the walls and a clock tower in the background. Sunshine.


A medieval treasure hidden on the island of Chios!

Discover Mesta, the famous traditional medieval settlement on the south-western part of Chios! Upon entering the gateway of the castle, the “Door of the Captain”, you will sense the awe-inspiring atmosphere of this medieval village, which was built during the Genoese domination, and is a model of defensive architecture.

Admire the three preserved castle towers, the ancient churches and the magnificent stone houses which are tightly joined together with arches. Since all the roofs are interconnected, you can actually cross the whole town walking on the roofs without reaching the ground! Mestá was built in a maze pattern for defensive reasons: the enemies, even if they managed to get into the castle, got lost in the mazy dead-ends, and thereby easily defeated by the locals. Take a romantic stroll along the narrow winding streets that lead to the central square, the so-called “Livádi”, the only open area of the castle.

There you can enjoy delicious dishes cooked with famous Chios products, such as mastic, or have a sip of soumada, a traditional drink made of almonds.

Travel back in time to a place where childhood fairytales of knights in shining armour, and beautiful princesses become real!