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LGBTQ+ Travellers in Thessaloniki

An Inclusive Hub

Different people and cultures define Thessaloniki’s history, so embracing the diversity of the queer community is a no-brainer. While Greece as a whole works hard to spread awareness and inclusivity, Thessaloniki stands out as a very open-minded city. It’s sure to delight you with its warm and lively character. Here are some tips to ensure you have the best time possible.

Hospitality and entertainment

The city is largely LGBTQ-friendly. Biases of the past are no more as people eagerly embrace the queer community, especially companies in the tourism industry. More and more of them cater to LGBTQ+ customers, doing their absolute best to make them feel welcome.

You’ll find lots of venues along the seafront and areas like Ladadika and Kamara offering nothing but smiles and great service. Stay at any hotel that takes your fancy, and explore Thessaloniki’s cafés, clubs, and restaurants.

LGBTQ+ events

Depending on when you visit Thessaloniki, you might find great entertainment for LGBTQ+ members. EuroPride 2024, for example, is taking place in Thessaloniki on 21-29 June. Even if you miss it, Thessaloniki Pride is a given every year.
The city features many other LGBTQ-friendly events, from parties to exhibitions and film screening. What you’ll find largely depends on when you’re visiting, so see what’s on in the city throughout the year. Organise yourself carefully so you don’t miss a thing.


Then, of course, you have Thessaloniki’s standard attractions, such as Roman and Byzantine monuments, the port and its White Tower, churches, museums, and cultural centres. There’s plenty of history to uncover, while you savour great dishes and drinks, some traditional, others unique, at the most picturesque bars and eateries you’ll ever come across.

Welcoming community

Thessaloniki is known for its progressive attitude. Over time, that open-mindedness has become stronger and more inclusive. So, dive in and let Thessaloniki’s cosmopolitan charm sweep you off your feet and prove its dedication to establishing itself as a top LGBTQ+ destination.

This city will make you feel happy and confident. To pinpoint exactly where to go and what to expect, do your research before travelling and even reach out to people with know-how. Make connections. Learn about the best venues and events. Lay out everything you need to make your holiday the perfect queer-friendly getaway.

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