Do you know what’s better than a weekend?

A weekend in Greece!
Οr as we like to call it, a GREEKEND!

So, to give you an idea, a typical greekend* starts with…
Coffees, and then of course, food, fun, sun, sea and lot’s of flirting!
But that’s not all; visit art museums, archaeological sites, theatrical plays, concerts and open-air cinemas.
Enjoy the vibrant Greek nightlife in bars and clubs, drink your cocktails and dance by the sea.
Savour local street food, or have a meal in tavernas or restaurants, while sipping a fragrant Greek wine, then go out, and shop till you drop.
Discover the up and coming Greek Fashion designers and boutique shops with handmade accessories, perfect to take back with you as a souvenir from your greekend*.

Last but not least, Greeks would love to share a greekend* with you. In just a few hours from home, why not make your next weekend, a greekend*?

Visit #Athens or #Thessaloniki

and enjoy a city-break full of everything Greece and Greeks have to offer!

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