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Chios Flavours

Offer your taste buds a treat on Chios!

Chios is a hospitable island all year round and offers a world of images, colours, tastes and aromas!
The mild Mediterranean climate in combination with the island’s rich soil yields quality products that are used to create a range of unique local dishes. Welcome to the land that boasts beautiful medieval villages, extraordinary beaches and the lovely Chios town that open-handedly gives savoury mandarins, home-made liquors, ouzo, spoon sweets and the famous mastic. Let’s travel together to this magical island and taste Chios’ particular dishes that will definitely make a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Mastic: The Queen of Chios Island

A unique treasure that is cultivated only in this part of the world, the mastic tree hands over its precious teardrops! You can enjoy it in different forms: as an ingredient in ypovrychio sweet, liquor, ouzo, cookies and even as a chewing gum!

Did you know? The technique used to harvest mastic is called kendos (meaning embroidering); this is because in order to collect the mastic drops, the producers make slight incisions on the bark of the tree with a special tool that recalls the art of embroidery.

The "golden apples of the Hesperides"

Chios is famous for the uniquely pleasant taste, quality and characteristics of its citrus fruits, the juicy oranges and the unique mandarins from Chios. The island’s mandarins are among the finest varieties in the world and have been registered as a PDO product thanks to their intense aromatic tender flesh and sweet flavour. Try out the fresh juice, mouthwatering fruit salads or the delicious spoon sweets from Chios’ citrus varieties! And don’t forget to taste the local and very fragrant lemon flower spoon sweet.

Did you know? The uses of citrus fruits are not limited to mere consumption or juicing but also in the production of sweets and essential oils. The peels of the fruits are given to the island farmers by the factories for animal feed as they are considered to be of high nutritional value.

Drinks of Chios

A famous, remarkable and high quality product of Chios is “Ariousios Oinos” a supreme red wine well known since antiquity as the nectar of the Gods. Spirits produced in abundance on Chios Island are the perfect treat for liquor lovers, and some of these are souma, a spirit made from figs, ouzo flavoured with anise, coriander, fennel, lemon flowers or mastic.

Did you know? Chios has its own blonde beer with orange highlights, fruity taste and discreet bitterness while the aromas of fennel and citrus stand out! It is a blonde ale made in Kampos, Chios Island from selected varieties by malt and whole hops cones, and it is unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Autumn: hunting for mushrooms

If you happen to be on Chios Island when the first autumn rain arrives, you can come across amanites (a type of mushroom), that grow in the northern part of this land. You can purchase the mushrooms either by taking part in a “mushroom hunt” or in local groceries around the island. Accompany your ouzo with fried or grilled amanites and you’ll thank us for the tip!

Did you know? Amanites grow under pine trees alone or in groups of 2-3!

White Cheese from Chios

Taste the excellent quality white Chios cheese with its soft texture; milky and slightly salty flavour which it due to its short stay in brine. Try it grilled or raw in fresh salads or traditional pasta.

Did you know? The Chios white cheese will complement your meals adding, apart from a wonderful flavour, significant amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Pasta from Chios

Chios gastronomy also includes several types of pasta which are a fine complement to meat or seafood. Don’t forget to try the fytilaki short twisted, the curly tagliatelle with mastic flavour and the traditional spartos pasta that are all topped with cooked tomato sauce.

Did you know? The striftaria (twisted) pasta with mushrooms from Chios is a great dish to accompany white meat or seafood.