Traditional Cuisine

The unique flavours of Greek cuisine distinguish Greece. While you are in Greece, you will have some pleasant flavourful surprises.

Greek cuisine consists of a big variety of dishes, which can fully satisfy the taste preferences of both vegetarians and meat lovers.
On the contrary to what many people believe about Greek cuisine, you will discoverer that “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki or Greek salads” are not the only Greek foods.

What makes Greek cuisine unique is the combination of the following elements: the ingredients, the Greek philosophy on nutrition matters, the sharing of meals with others, as well as the country itself and its whole atmosphere.

Every region in Greece has its own traditional recipes! All based on pure Greek products and the simplicity that brings out the greatness.The recipes of each region, mountainous or island, eastern or western Greece reflect the every day life, the local economic and social identity of each region. Recipes based on fish in the islands and recipes based on meat and soups in north mountainous regions.