G. Drakopoulos

A Taste of Thrace

When in Thrace, try the local dishes; they will definitely live up to your expectations! The region’s gastronomy combines traditional old Thracian dishes with much affinity to recipes from Asia Minor (Anatolia) as well as to the local Pomak community.

Try sausage, pastirma (or pastrami), kavourmas, tzigerosarmades, gioufkades, chylopites, pork or chicken with pickled cabbage, chicken with couscous, sweet or savoury pies, stuffed cabbage leaves and kebab. On the seaside areas, there’s lots of fresh seafood. The fish tavernas in Fanari village and Porto Lagos and the traditional tavernas in old Xanthi town will introduce you to the magic of the Thracian cuisine!

Xanthi is also known for the top quality sweets and desserts. In pastry shops down town or in the Old Town alleys you can try the famous syrupy baked pastries or you can treat yourself to sweet delicacies rolled in chocolate and nuts.

Another fine idea would be to visit the Women Tourism Association of Stavroupoli and the Shop selling local traditional products of the Nestos Valley in Stavroupoli. Buy some home made spoon sweets and jams, local pasta, forest berries, fine embroidery and well-known wines produced in local wineries.