Santorini's beaches

Join us on a tour around Santorini’s beautiful beaches!

Deep blue waters; white, red and black sand; vertical cliffs; red and black volcanic pebbles and spectacular rock formations…Some people like them, some don’t… But all of them admit: the beaches of Santorini are the strangest, the oddest they have ever seen ! Santorini’s coastal treasures have been profoundly influenced by the volcanic nature of the island. Its unique lunar landscape and the exceptional clarity of the Aegean Sea are simply superb. Let us guide you along the crystalline beaches which form an uninterrupted line along the island’s windswept shores so that you can get an idea of their mysterious, awe-inspiring and curiously compelling beauty!

Start your journey in the northern part of the island at the sun-drenched beaches around Oia; they have a wild untamed beauty and most of them cannot easily be spotted from the main road. Ammoudi, on the harbour of Oia, is a picturesque beach lined with charming cafes and restaurants. The small beach of Armeni with its azure waters and magnificent view of the island of Thirassia can either be reached by boat from Ammoúdi or on foot. There is a small footpath connecting Oia with Armeni, but if you find it hard to climb up and down 286 steps, riding a donkey is the alternative solution! A diving centre is also available for adventure-seeking beachgoers. Looking for a little seclusion and serenity? Baxedes (or Paradisos), a quiet beach with black sand and chiselled rocks or the black-grey sandy beach of Kolumbo (mostly frequented by nudists) are the ideal choice…According to volcanologists, the largest active underwater crater of Santorini is located in Kolumbo! Katharοs beach will impress you with its wild landscape whereas Pori is a quiet family beach!

The wild beauty of the beaches on the eastern side of the island will prove irresistible to sunseekers looking for peace and seclusion since they are neither organised nor much frequented. Impressive sculptured rocks, black sand, volcanic pebbles, small ports with fishing boats casting colourful reflections on azure waters and a few beech trees are the trademarks of Xiropigado, Vourvoulos and Exo Gialos.

On the south-eastern side of Santorini, sun-loving tourists will encounter magnificent black sandy or pebbly beaches. Monolithos is strongly recommended for families, as the water is very swallow compared to other Santorini beaches and there are facilities, like playgrounds, to keep the children entertained. Young people can have fun in a beach bar or at a beach volley playground. Soak up the atmosphere along the lively waterfront at one of the charming beach bars or bask in the turquoise blue waters of the cosmopolitan beach of Kamari, one of the island’s most crowded and organised beaches! Amongst Santorini’s most sought after beaches, especially among young people, are Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios, which actually stretch out one after another to create the longest black sandy beach on the island; bustling beach bars, diving and water sport centres (including jet ski, parasailing, wind surfing and canoe-kayak) and beautiful-people-watching! Could you ask for more?

Let’s go south, where the (semi-organised) beach of Vlychada with its grey sand, its huge rock formations sculpted over the years by the wind and its unique lunar landscape awaits us! Recently a large modern marina which is home to the Sailing and Yacht Club of Santorini has been constructed here. Nearby lies the beach of Almyra, where sun worshippers can enjoy a beautiful quiet beach with impressive sea-sculpted rocks in the background. The Akrotiri area is famous for its ruins of an ancient town but tan-seeking sunbathers will also discover some marvellous beaches there. Caldera is a small and very quiet beach with black sand and deep crystal clear waters which enjoys an unrivalled view of the volcano, while Gialos is a secluded beach accessible only by jeep.

Close to the excavation site of Akrotiri you will find what is probably the most famous beach on the island, the Red Beach! What makes the beach absolutely irresistible is its impressive red rock formations, which form a breathtaking unique volcanic landscape. Access involves a walk from the harbour of Akrotiri (around 10 minutes) or by boat from Kamari, Akrotiri and Perissa, but the all-red landscape is certainly worth the trek! The nearby White Beach is another stunning seascape that you simply must not miss! Black sand, big grey and white pebbles and gigantic white rocks form a bizarre setting like you’ve never seen before.

Note: Unless you are a professional climber getting there is only possible by boat (from Akrotiri)!

While you are on Santorini you can also take part in an exciting sea excursion departing from the old port of Firá or from Athinios port, depending on which trip you choose. Visit the two small islands at the centre of Caldera, Palea and Nea Kameni, the “volcano” according to the locals, or combine your excursion with a visit to Thirassia and Oia. And of course…could you think of anything more romantic than watching the famous Santorini sunset onboard?

• Last but not least, some tips for action lovers:

• Best spots for scuba diving: cape of Tripiti at Thirassia, Palia Kameni (the shipwreck), Mesa Pigadia, Ammoudi, Armenis (wall dive), Aspronissi
• Diving centres are located at: Ammoudi, Kamari, Perissa and Oia
• Windsurfing/jet ski equipment at the following beaches: Kamari, Perissa, Avis