Mainalo Ski Centre

Let’s hit the slopes on snow-covered Mt. Mainalo!

Welcome to the mountain of the legends and traditions; home to Panas, the shepherds’ goat-legged god (who was half human and half goat), and the Nymphs. Nature, history and culture meet in Mainalo, a place blessed with pristine, rugged landscapes and picturesque villages steeped in history. Enjoy amazing alpine runs through white paths in one of the country’s oldest skiing facilities, follow the stone-paved tracks, cross its stone bridges and lose yourself in the mountain’s singular beauty.

Located in Ostrakina, Mainalo, this is the closest ski resort to Athens, open since 1965 - one of the country’s three oldest skiing centres. With a series of changes and improvements having taken place, skiers -and visitors in general- will find themselves in a modern facility that offers high quality services.

Situated at an elevation ranging from 1,550 to 1,770 m, the ski centre is equipped with eight ski runs of 5.5 km in length (for beginners, advanced skiers and experts) , four lifts, offering an easy, quick and safe access, a snowboard and a snowmobile park where you can enjoy a ride on ATVs and Snow-hawks.

Don’t miss on the opportunity to hike along scenic trails and enjoy the enchanting natural setting. The beauty of the landscape is complemented by traditional stone-built villages such as Vytina, Dimitsana, Levidi, Kapsia and Stemnitsa. Savour the scent trailing in the frosty winter air off fireplaces and wood-burning stoves and enjoy the flavours of traditional local dishes.