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We encourage you to write about your travel experience in Greece!

Welcome to the Visit Greece Blog!

Are you a blogger? Do you love Greece and you want to tell the world with a blogpost? Then you are at the right place!
We invite you to write and send us your text about different destinations in the country, traditional products, customs and traditions, recipes, hidden gems and whatever else you love and fascinates you in Greece. It is necessary to accompany the text with contemporary high resolution photos / or any audiovisual material, you may want to share with us.

Please, read the following instructions and tips about your blog post:

Your blog post must highlight the destination as such. Brief references to travel related companies may be allowed within the article but without hyperlinks. All blog posts must be complementary (free of charge) and are edited by our team to match our policy criteria, if needed, with a prior notice.

Your blog post must contain your personal experience of Greece and the writing style should be adventurous and off-the-beaten track emphasising on informing your fellow visitor on what to see/do/experience within Greece. Articles such as “Top 10 List” – “Must See Destinations” – “What Do in ...” - “Favourite Greek Sweet Bougatsa recipe” are indicative themes.

It is important that every article (blog post) must be unique, original and have been written by you. If it has been previously published in a different website/blog or a print edition, permission must be granted to the GNTO in order for it to be posted on the Visit Greece Blog. Duplicate content (articles that appear on two different websites) is penalized by search engines (SEO) with a lower rating so if you do decide to share an article with us it would be preferable if you haven’t shared it in another website.

Further important specs

Each post is limited to 500 words and is sent in word or text document.
You may also include photographs and/or video that have already been uploaded to a personal social network, such as Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and more. Photos should be contemporary, in jpeg format and at the following dimensions: Landscape: 1310x769 pxl, Portrait: 543x769pxl. and Square: 769x769pxl.)

Prior to posting, please be certain that you own the intellectual property rights of the material you are sending us.
If you have any audiovisual material from your travels in Greece, you may include it, along with your article, but first you should have uploaded either on YouTube or Vimeo, so please share with us only links or embedded code). 
A single hyperlink to your site* or social media channel will be included in the author signature field of your article (eg. John Smith/ www.johnsmithcom). 
*websites must be more or less travel-related.

Please send all related attachments here.
Click here, if you wish to make an fam/press trip to Greece, by sending your request and all necessary information about yourself.