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"Greekaba" Christian Louboutin’s capsule collection inspired by Greece

The new collection of designer Christian Louboutin is dedicated to Greece and it is an ode to Greek culture and the Mediterranean summer. Inspired by the Greek land and sea, each unique piece in this collection refers to Christian Louboutin’s adventures in Athens and in the Cyclades Islands.

The designer’s new collection is blue and white in colour, with motifs inspired by the Ancient Greek friezes, the traditional "blue eye" (evil-eye protection), the geometric patterns used in the Dodecanese embroidery, and other symbols of Greek culture.

For the collection titled Greekaba, Louboutin collaborated with his good friend and versatile artist Konstantinos Kakanias, and the well-known Mrs Tependri and her dog, Pepe, will act as your guides as you take this trip in Greece, through the pieces of the collection.

The Greekaba capsule has been launched in June in selected boutiques and includes heels in white and blue, soft leather bags with embossed designs, wicker baskets with tassels, as well as backpacks, men's sneakers and loafers, sandals and pouches.