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Reasons to go to Kefalonia

After years of living in the Caribbean and many island holidays around the world, I can honestly say that Kefalonia is a cut above the rest. It was one of the best vacations we’ve ever had, ever. I know thats a strong claim coming for me but its true. This unspoiled piece of heaven could be described in three words – Beautiful, Peaceful and Friendly. Here are my reasons why your next getaway should be Kefalonia… The Food – Greek food is one of my favorites and boy do they know how to eat… Perfectly fried zucchini, delicious Tzatziki, oozy gooey Baklava and about a zillion other sweet and savory things to nosh on and it’s cheap. The Unspoiled Beauty – Nowadays its rare to find such a beautiful location that’s not populated with flashy hotels and bunches of over the top clubs and restaurants. Kefalonia is nothing but mile after mile of rocky coasts and gorgeous beaches, and every turn quickly becomes an Instagram worthy photo opportunity. The Locals –  This island’s beauty is definitely a reflection of it’s people – warm, friendly and colorful.  Every person we met greeted us with a smile, helped us with directions or wanted to celebrate our anniversary with a bit of Ouzo! SCUBA fun and our SUP time at Antisamos Bay. article by Learning Patience see original article here