Alone for the first time in her life, far from her beloved Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa was leaning against an ancient marble column. The column, lying on the ground, as if it was resting its’ memories and all its’ experiences, this morning it was hosting the sweet lady having no idea who she was. She, on the other hand, having the magical luck of being Santa Claus’s wife, had acquired some of his golden gifts. One of which was to listen to the voice of whoever was close to her, setting up this way, strange and unique dialogues. “What are you waiting for here?”, she asked the column named Stelios with as much courage as there was left in her. “I like watching the city changing. I don’t wait for something specific. Only for the time to pass”, answered the frozen, but hospitable Stelios the column. “How many changes have you seen my dear”, continued Mrs. Santa. “I don’t remember any more. From the age of Zeus until this day that people don’t talk to me anymore”. “But I talk to you”, she replied in a sweet voice. “You, lady, are not a human. I do not know where you come from, but you are not a human. I do not know anyone with such a faith in life that would talk to the marbles. But really, where is your story coming from?”, asked the chubby Column of the Olympian Zeus. “My name is Mrs. Santa and I am Santa Claus’s wife, if you’ve heard about him. Every year we go to the Polar Star where the Christmas Factory is set for centuries, in order to make Christmas for the whole world. I, Charlie the Toymaster, Mrs. Depasta, Tatziz and Jazz and Mandrakoukos the Chiefgargle are the basic creators of this wonderful holiday. But this year our sled fell on your city due to a breakdown and so we have to build our factory here, particularly in Technopolis at Gazi according to the message Santa sent us. Do you understand?”, she asked after describing all this. Stelios the column was listening with great attention. It had been years since he listened to a story and he was really excited. “I know these “Christmas” you are talking about. I like them because people keep their heads up more and look around. Usually they have no time to look around and keep their eyes on the ground. Not to mention that the city is so full of lights that you’d think something will land on it. I like that too!” Stelios added. The cars had began to dense in the street in front of them, showing that the time was passing and the day was growing bigger. Mrs. Santa had to be at Technopolis soon in order to meet Santa Claus. On the one hand she hadn’t learned how to live far from him and on the other their mission was bigger than any personal wish of hers. Christmas should be created this year as well, without any further delay. “My god Stelios, your company is sweet but you have to tell me how I will get to Gazi before it’s too late”, said Mrs. Santa trying not to insult him. “Of course. Besides, you cannot stay here forever”, he answered politely. “Do you see this great lady across the street? Her name is Melina and this is where you should go first. Talk to her! One song from her is truly worth listening to, before you continue. Then you will walk along this beautiful paved street, which is called Dionysiou Areopagitou and after you wave at Herodion and the Acropolis you will walk down towards Gazi. Further down some little trees, friends of mine will show you the way. Give them a lot of kisses”, added Stelios the column and moved a little bit his marble body saying goodbye to Mrs. Santa. He didn’t want to show how touched and sad he was to lose such a beautiful company. He knew that this separation was worth it, as people were going to get together under the magic of Christmas and that was more important than anything else. Especially this year that the Christmas Factory would be constructed in his city, and would generously send Christmas all over the world. Mrs. Santa had already passed the road and was approaching Melina, like Stelios the column had told her. She stopped for a moment and turned her head at him with that particular look of hers, full of sweetness and wisdom. She waved at him and it was like she whispered with love “My good friend, it’s not bad to find something to wait for. Time by itself is not an expectation. If you find that something, then you will have more friends coming close to you”, she said and put him into thoughts. Besides, one of the basic shades of Christmas is the chance we give ourselves to redefine our thoughts and habits. And if we are lucky, we become a little bit better. Don’t you agree?

Article by George Lebesis for The Christmas Factory