Zorba the Greek project - The Trekking

a valley of red poppies

Zorba the Greek, the hero of author Kazantzakis “lives” in Eastern Halkidiki!

Trekking, an unlimited source of life to the land of Zorba!

Green hillsides surrounding the settlement of Palaiochori. Streams. Trails. Fertile mountains, with fruit-bearing trees and bushes. Nature at its purest and most authentic form. Nightingales singing of their freedom. And a Castle. The Castle of Neposi.

Giorgis is walking. The spring hillside in its full glory. The fragrance of wildflowers. The soil damp with the morning dew. Bouquets of mushrooms and forest clearings. The sound of running water soaking the earth high and low.

Spots where you cannot see the sky. The trees are intertwined in a green embrace. Giorgis is standing still. Lumberjacks are chopping timber for the coming winter. The mules are close. The beekeepers are a bit further down. They have brought their beehives for the spring ericas. Giorgis is having a small talk.

He is lost in the forest. Grassy slopes leading to the water. He is picking up wild chards and poppies. With a little flour you can make the best pie.

He stops by every small church, lighting up the oil lamp, making the sign of the cross and being on his way.

Turtles are out on their morning stroll. Wild squirrels and butterflies are chasing each other aimlessly. The very picture of a green fairytale.

It is this very same, pristine picture that you get to see and feel, should you decide to follow Giorgis’ route inside the forest of Zorbas in Palaiochori. It is hard to believe that people harboured such respect for nature that it has been preserved as a piece of yesterday welcoming trekkers from all over the world and leading them along the same paths that Zorba the Greek used to follow in the course of his life.

You can find the route here and become a part of Giorgis’ story!


a man walking in the forest with tis hands in the air looking at the camera at a distance

a group of people trekking through a valley and a sing showing directions

a road driving though high trees

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