Zorba the Greek project - The Gastronomy

Zorba the Greek, the hero of author Kazantzakis “lives” in Eastern Halkidiki!

KOUZINA, a gastronomic attraction on the land of Zorba!

Small traditional taverns and coffeehouses in the market of Palaiochori found in plain spaces. Wooden chairs and tables, clean tablecloths, vases adorned with seasonal wildflowers, modest dinnerware, Greek meze made of all available ingredients. Gastronomic influence stemming from the diversity of the place.

Places where the metal miners inevitably meet, spots of political confrontations (as always), places of joy as well as relaxation, rest, and liberation, all enchant primarily the male population, but also the aristocratic women, as they are all sat together on the daily or Sunday table.

In the crowded kitchens, there is another world: mothers, mothers-in-law and aunts peeling mountains of potatoes, hovering over the heat of pans filled with frizzling pork bits, while the younger ones are meddling in the roasting, moving around, joking, nagging, and carrying the meze.

The cuisine of Palaiochori has a special history: it uses sausages made of locally grown pork, grated orange peels, whole mashed lemons. Smashed roasted potatoes, a local recipe to make squashed velvety potatoes. Yaprakia - cured pork wrapped in cabbage leaves grown in the local fields – wild cabbage – full of the earthy aromas of the wet soil. Tsiyaridia - frizzling pork bits sautéed in olive oil and a blend of a thousand mountain herbs!

It is the fascinating ferocity of traditional Greek cuisine that shines on the fresh ingredients in a defining manner, without smoothing them down or clouding them, but rather letting them speak for themselves. The tavern is a concept born out of poverty. And that is exactly what equips it with an iron backbone. This is why it has survived up to this day, while remaining a timeless symbol of our popular culture.

The gastronomic truth of Palaiochori is presented in its entirety in a wonderful event organized by KOUZINA 2024. You can read more about it here and make a reservation!