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Summer holidays with your family

Life is dreamy during summer, when the sun shines and sea blue takes over. You and your Family will swim in clear, safe, turquoise waters at one of the many blue flag beaches of the country. Picturesque tavernas offering dishes made with fresh ingredients will satisfy your whole family. Furthermore your children will find themselves in places where their favourite heroes lived, like Hercules, Thisseus, Alexander the Great, the 300 of Sparta. They can learn about Ulysses' adventures and run around the track at the birthplace of the Olympics.

Mums and dads, be prepared to relax and have a good time in a country where everyone, young and old is a kid, and “family” is still a special strong bond. Greece offers a feeling of being part of a big family; smiley faces, hospitality, security, untouched nature and magnificent food give a unique combination, making Greece the number one family destination worldwide.

Explore the world with your beloved ones

Along with your children, visit Maritime museums and parks located on various islands of the country and enjoy adventurous water sports activities. Marine parks and zoos will let you spend some quality time with your children and make a summer holiday in Greece even more memorable. Visit the Cretaquarium on Crete, Herakleion, the National Marine Park on Alonissos and the National Marine Park on Zakynthos (Zante).

During your visit, you can also have a light meal or a coffee while enjoying the view or relax, while your children get to know animals and microscopic creatures of the sea, play, participate in educational programmes, or watch documentaries carefully produced by experts to keep the children happy and satisfy their genuine curiosity! Find all available information here!

Sea shore Getaways

The islands of the Aegean and Ionian sea, Crete, Halkidiki are just a minimum of the ideal family destinations. Along with your children, enjoy water sports activities and dive into the eternal blue of the Greek sea.

But, let’s see what else your children –and you, of course– will love in Greece:
  • sandy or pebbly beaches with clear waters
  • rocky coves and caves
  • archaeological ruins to discover history
  • olive, orange and lemon groves
  • delicious kid-friendly food cooked with the most nutritional ingredients of the Mediterranean diet: virgin olive oil, fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, etc.
  • spectacular swimming pools open all day long, and above all,
  • safety and warm hospitality!

Having fun on the beach

Take all the appropriate sun protection measures, get the suitable “equipment” and… have fun on the beach. The sand fuels enormously the fantasy of children; they love to dig, to rake, to fill their buckets with sea water and create their own “art work” on the sand- from all-time classic “sand-balls” to small sculptures, such as castles and towers or small “lakes” and moats. Your own participation will motivate your little ones to enhance their creativity and feed off their fantasy while on holidays!

In the Capital -Athens

Athens of course is another choice you can make. You will enjoy yourselves in a museum or a recreational park, such as the Acropolis museum, the Hellenic Children’s museum in Plaka, the Hellenic Motor Museum, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art or the Attica Zoological Park, the Vorres Museum with its beautiful garden as well as the Museum of Cycladic Art.

On the mountain hills that surround Athens- Parnitha, Penteli, Hymettus and Aigaleo- you can have a picnic or ride a bicycle. Even in a big city such as Athens you will find beautiful green corners where you can lay a tablecloth or blanket for an unofficial and very pleasant meal. Parks in the city, forests around it, as well as the Riviera, lend you their space as a quick-to-make escape from it all in a matter of minutes! And what is really great is that you only need the public transport from the city centre to get to any of those places. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, by visiting the Athens Riviera, with its beautiful beaches, luxurious shopping Malls and famous restaurants. Satisfaction is guaranteed for you and your kids. Take the tram from the city center and enjoy the seaside along the coastal road!

Thessaloniki- The jewel of Northern Greece

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece, built near the sea and bears the marks of its stormy history. Take your children to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki where you will all have an exciting journey to the past of the city. Following this educating museum tour, enjoy a promenade with your children right next to the waterfront, facing the Thermaikos Gulf. On this 4km stretch you will encounter fountains and impressive sculptures such as the well-known Umbrellas by Zongolopoulos. Don’t forget to take some photos in from of Thessaloniki’s emblem, the White Tower, or with the statue of Alexander the Great.

If you adore shopping with your children, Thessaloniki is the place to be! The main shopping streets are Tsimiski St. and Mitropoleos St. Visit also Aristotelous Sq. and Aristotelous St. where you will see street vendors selling their merchandise next to shops, cafés, ouzo tavernas and monuments. Treat your children with the local culinary delights such as Tsourekia with chestnut or chocolate filling, loukoumades with honey, bougatsa and trigona Panoramatos.

Your precious family moments in Greece will be engraved on your memory and heart as the most charming, photogenic, enlightening and innocent of all!

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Family holidays

The magical thing of Greece is that each season of the year has numerous activities to offer, due to its landscape variety.

A delicious visit to Athens' museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and green gardens have been shaped as part of museum premises in Athens promise to offer you relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits.