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Rafting in Epirus

The famous Zagorochoria, the great Tzoumerka, the historic Ioannina, the whole Epirus area will enchant you with its beautiful rivers, Dragon Lakes, pristine forests, vast valleys, imposing canyons, mountains and endless rare natural beauties this place is blessed with!

The best way to get to know the area’s beauties is rafting. A sport that offers an adrenaline rush while you enjoy nature’s beauty. Rafting in Epirus will offer you the experience of a life time, combining speed and a breathtaking scenery. Different levels of difficulty are offered on Epirus’ Rivers making this destination ideal for beginners and a must-visit for rafting experts.

So get your life jackets on, put on your helmets, take your paddles in hand, position your boat and off we go for a unique experience in the water paths of Epirus’ natural beauty!


Arachthos River offers unique trails, peaceful and yet exciting, with the wild gorge and two of the most famous Epirus bridges; Plaka (the tallest single arch bridge in Greece) and Arta. Arachthos is clearly one of the most interesting Rivers to enjoy rafting in Greece. The gorge’s starting point is under a vertical steep slope that drops 700m. Along the course you will encounter mineral sources that gush from crevices, waterfalls, rare bird species that nest on the canyons’ distant cliffs. Half way through the gorge, make a stop and walk to Glyfki’s waterfalls where a pond is formed at its base. A hint for the most adventurous amongst you: take a dive and enjoy the unique experience!

Level of Difficulty: 2-3 (Beginners), 4 (advanced)
Duration: 2 hours (4 hours for advanced)


If Vikos Ravine is a true miracle of nature, then Voidomatis River is definitely its precious gem. It’s a river with sparkling clean waters, ideal for your first rafting experience.
Near Zagorochori village, start off at Aristi bridge and follow the 5km rafting ride which presents a low level of difficulty, amidst a marvelous green scenery, small waterfalls and stone bridges. After 45 minutes into navigating the waters of the river you’ll reach the abandoned monastery of Agioi Anargyroi (16th century), where you can enjoy the wild vertical rocks and impressive caves that once were used as hermitages. By now your body and soul will feel rejuvenated, paddling under the single arched lovely bridge of Kato Kleidonia. Your guide will give you the final instructions on how to skillfully cross the artificial waterfalls. A refreshing dive in the cold waters is a dare to all brave rafters in order to conclude this amazing trip!

Level of Difficulty: 1-2
Duration: 90 minutes


Kalarrytikos River is the tributary of Arachthos River that has its source on the Tzoumerka mountains. It’s a river ideal for rafting with a fairly abrupt slope. The ride takes place in an alpine landscape, down a narrow canyon, wavy rapids and interesting passages graded as 3rd and 4th level.The ride starts at Gogkou bridge and ends at Plaka bridge.

Level of Difficulty: 3-4
Duration: 3hrs to 3½ hrs


Kalamas River has its sources in the Epirus massif near Ioannina town and its estuary meets the Ionian sea. Kalamas’ ancient Greek name was Thyamis. This river is an ideal choice for experienced and beginner rafters alike. The ride goes down the river and ends at the dam.
We propose three routes:

Vrysela – Kalama Dam: Level of Difficulty: 1, Duration: 4hrs with an optional stop at an islet in the river for a picnic and a visit to the Archaeological Site of Titani.
Vrosyna –Neraida: Level of Difficulty: 2+, Duration: 4-5hrs
Neraida – Vrysela: Level of Difficulty: 2, Duration: 3hrs


This mythical river extends in an area of great beauty, offering thrills to all rafting lovers. It is a 4km ride, ideal for beginners, that starts at the river source at Glyki’s bridge. The body of water never declines and rides go on all year round. However, for the experienced and adventurous rafters, we propose the most difficult parts of the river from Sertziana to Glyki, lasting 4-5hrs and passages graded as 3rd and 4th level of difficulty.

Level of Difficulty: 1-2 & 3-4
Duration: From 1hr to 4-5hrs

Tip: There are several companies that organize rafting trips in most of the Greek Rivers. You can choose the river according to the area you wish to visit, so you can feel the adrenaline while practicing your favourite sport and simultaneously get to know the surrounding area!

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