Islands Made for Couples

Are you searching for special holidays with your other half, just like if you were on your honeymoon? There is no doubt that the Greek Islands must be among your first choice. Specifically, some islands give off a romantic allure and make an excellent choice for a lovey-dovey escape.


Undoubtedly the most renowned sunset in Greece is seen on Santorini Island. At dusk romantics flock to Oia, Fira and Imerovigli - the villages offering a breathtaking view over the caldera to Palia and Nea Kameni volcanic islands - where they drink in the view of the sun slowly slipping down past the western horizon in the Aegean Sea. Over the years, couples have chosen Santorini to either have their wedding ceremony or their honeymoon.

It is high time you plan your visit and let yourselves free to the energy of the volcanic landscape and the island’s unique scenery: whitewashed villages hanging on the hillside over the caldera; picturesque cobblestoned alleys; houses carved into stone with built-in beds; blue-domed churches; black, red or white sandy beaches are just some of the gems this island holds for you. Celebrate your love on Santorini and have a toast with a glass of Vinsanto over the caldera; could you think of anything better?


Counting 80 beaches, a picturesque village named Plaka with a Venetian Castle, some “out of this world” landscapes, caves, catacombs and a dormant volcano are what make Milos Island in the Cyclades a beloved one to all, but especially to couples.

Take your other half by the hand and visit as many beaches as you can, cause this island has some exquisite ones; the naturally carved stones making Sarakiniko Beach look like a lunar landscape will definitely catch your eye and fill your camera memory card. Kleftiko (reachable only by boat) is where you’ll get the chance to dive into crystal clear waters where tall rocks emerging from the sea guarantee to take your breath away. The exquisite Alogomantra Beach has an arched shape rock that offers its shade to anyone without an umbrella. Papafragka is an open cave small sandy beach you should explore. Firiplaka Beach has some magical green waters and colourful rocks while Geraka and Tsigrado’s Beaches have some wonderful greyish-red rocks!
Rent out a sailboat or take a scheduled boat ride around the island and discover “under the radar” beaches and caves.

At dusk take the road up towards Plakas’ Castle and choose among Panagia Thalassitras and Panagia Korfiatissas Churches to sit and gaze upon the sun lending a sweet red hue to the white village houses or head further up to the Castle and drink in the panoramic view.
Finally, head down to the seaside town of Adamanta and enjoy its nightlife or to Pollonia, located at the north-easternmost side of the island, where you can enjoy a quiet walk and a romantic dinner for two by the sea.


The wild beauty of this island, with its clear waters and picturesque Chora Town will charm both you and your other half. If you are searching for a tranquil romantic refuge, then don’t go any further… as you’ve reached the perfect destination. Love camping? Amorgos has three camping sites. Looking for laid back holidays? Amorgos Island can make you forget about all your worries, sit back, enjoy “rakomelo” (Greek raki drink with honey) and exquisite food in a paradise like ambience.

Jump off cliffs into the island’s crystal clear waters at the renowned Beach of Agia Anna and drink in the view of the endless blue. Take a swim at Mouro Beach, its black pebbles will certainly impress you and then head for the golden sandy beach of Levroso as well as many other picturesque shores reachable by the various island’s trails. Then again, be adventurous and take a boat ride from Agiou Pavlou Beach to the uninhabited Nikouria Island, where you’ll find some great sandy beaches and clear waters to enjoy. From Katapola Beach take a 5’ boat ride to the sandy beach of Maltezi (which is also reachable by trail with a 20’ walk from Xylokeratidi area), which offers various amenities, such as umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. The sandy beach of Aigiali is ideal if you are simply aiming to relax, lay back and enjoy your time.
Take the road up to Hozoviotissa Monastery (dating back to the 11th century), which is built in a cliff, 300m over sea level offering a stunning view.

Don’t miss a visit to Chora Town; its Cycladic architecture, winding whitewashed alleys, sugar-cube houses with colourful shutters and flower gardens, picturesque churches and a castle guarding the whole town make it a place you wouldn’t want to skip. On the hills across Chora, lined up windmills are waiting for you to take a snapshot along with one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the Cyclades Islands.

Next stop are Tholaria and Lagkada Villages which are equally magnificent with Chora town. Make sure you pay a visit to the archaeological site of Minoas where you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the archipelagos’ eternal blue!!!

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