Games in the sand for the young and the old

Summer has come for good and most of us plan our long-expected summer holidays craving to enjoy the crystalline sea, the warm sun and relaxed moments with our sweetheart or our beloved children. To whichever category you may belong to, here come some suggestions on how to relish blissful beach holidays.


With children

Every single child adores the sea; they can’t wait finding themselves swimming and playing on the beach. What happens though when their initial enthusiasm is succeeded by nagging and boredom? In this case, you need to fuel your fantasy and figure out how you will keep them as happy as a clam! Take all the appropriate sun protection measures, get the suitable “equipment” and… have fun!
The all-time classic sand-bucket and its related “accessories”!

Buckets, shovels, rakes, mini tracks, watering cans and plastic moulds in different shapes are only a part of the necessary equipment that you need to get in order to make your offspring happy on the beach! The sand fuels enormously the fantasy of children; they love to dig, to rake, to fill their buckets with sea water and create their own “art work” on the sand- from all-time classic “sand-balls” to small sculptures, such as castles and towers or small “lakes” and moats. Your own participation will motivate the kids to enhance their creativity and feed off their fantasy!

Fill the bucket with sand and water and hide inside pebbles or little toys. Encourage them to search inside the bucket with their hands and discover the “hidden treasure”! Alternatively you can hide some objects around your umbrella and ask them to search for them. Whoever discovers more, wins a yummy ice-cream. Tempting, right? Make a team of two to five children. Place one bucket for each child in short distance from the sea. Whoever achieves to fill his/her bucket with water- which he/she will carry with his/her own hand from the sea- first, wins!

Draw a line on the sand. Fill the buckets with water and put them one next to another. Then take small pebbles, point at the buckets and try to throw them inside. To avoid any accidents, it is advisable that this game is played under your own supervision.

Drawings in the sand
Look for a wooden stick, hand it out to your children and let set their inspiration afire so as to draw beautiful images- little houses, turtles, ships, starfish and little fishes- in the sand. They can even “decorate” their drawings with pebbles, shells or parts of seaweed.

Dive into…the game
Playing hide and sick or tag around the beach with water guns can be particularly exciting! It is recommended though not to play that game on crowded beaches. On many beaches you will find special infrastructure for children, like swings, slides and trampoline. Apply the sun cream, wear your hat and… off you go! If your little treasure is tired, let them nod off on the sun lounge and read them a fairy tale.

The young and the restless

The beach is not synonymous only to sun bathing and sipping coffee while lying on the sun lounge; if you feel like doing something different, follow our entertainment guide starting from the… easy staff.

Backgammon & other table games
Backgammon is a Greeks’ favourite, especially among men, who particularly enjoy playing their favourite game with friends on the beach while sipping their coffee. The more sophisticated ones opt for games like chess, draughts, cards (on the condition that the wind is not blowing!) or knowledge games.

Sea shell treasure hunt
A women’s favourite, especially among the most romantic ones: they take pleasure in leisurely strolls along the beach searching for beautiful sea shells, usually of unusual colour and shape, as a souvenir of a summer holiday.

Who doesn’t know-or haven’t played- the all-time classic beach game? Rackets are a perfect body workout, they account for our skin getting a unique golden colour and they are easy to transport. If you are a beginner, opt for a less crowded place so that you don’t bother the other bathers. For the most tactful of you, Frisbee is a perfect alternative.

Jogging in the sand
Jogging: the ideal summer workout and the easiest way to burn off the extra calories you consumed at the fish taverna last night. Avoid jogging during the most dangerous sun hours, consume liquids and wear sneakers to protect your feet from any “unpleasant surprise” hidden in the sand. When dripping with sweat, enjoy a fun dive at the sea and you will get all the energy you need to carry on.

Beach volley
Serve, hop, hit! Beach volley is one of the most fun and spectacular group games, ideal for work out, have fun and… make new friends. Look for beaches with the appropriate beach volley infrastructure.

Beach soccer
A sport that requires stamina and good technique. If you have them, split into two teams and impress women with tackling drills and goals.

Have a great summer!
Enjoy yourselves!

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