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P. Merakos


In the heart of nature

Take part in the creative process of a farm life, which goes beyond the known travelling experience. Live the Greek customs the rural way. Become one with the land and Greece's traditional argicultural way of living.
The morphological diversity of Greece and its endless natural resources combined with its unique culture and tradition make up a rare blend of images and experiences where lovers of the authentic will relish the blessings of nature.

Working with the land

Help with picking olives using any of a number of age-old harvesting techniques, and with transferring them to a traditional olive press; initiate yourself into the traditional art of extracting the precious oil!
Harvest grapes to make wine or tsipouro, or pick fruits, herbs, and mushrooms. Take part in reaping and learn about bee-keeping by having your own hands-on experience.

Working with the cattle

For those who love animals, getting to know how to take care of them will sure be a challenge. After all, you don’t have the chance to see cattle’s grazing or milking every day!
A more gastronomic choice involves participation in the yoghurt and cheese making procedures.

An educational holiday

In agritourism cooperatives around the country one can take lessons of cookery and pastry and prepare old-school recipes of jams, stewed fruits, spoon sweets, home-made bread, fresh pasta, pies, liqueurs and other delights of the local cuisine.
In pottery workshops you’ll develop your handcraft skills or you might also make the very presents you’ll carry back home from Greece. Wineries will let you sip exquisite wine and initiate you into the secrets of wine: varieties, aromas, colours, tastes.

Ecotourism is part and parcel of agritourism. Depending on where you’ll be staying, there might be a plethora of wonderful choices for you in store. National parks, wetlands, stunning landscapes and one of the richest floras and faunas in Europe await you. If you are into action, don’t miss out on the chance to do your favourite activity in the midst of the superb Greek natural beauty: swimming, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, horse-riding. But you can’t go wrong choosing the Greek nature for a relaxed holiday either: wake up to the singing of birds and have breakfast in the shade of a vine, or dine at the sight of sunset colouring olive groves in gold and green.

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Tower towns in Greece

Beautifully preserved stone-built settlements and fortified towns spread all over Greece form a harmonious combination of local architecture and western influences.

Youth Trips

The sun, the sea, the beach. Greece symbolizes the happy side of life.

Family holidays

The magical thing of Greece is that each season of the year has numerous activities to offer, due to its landscape variety.