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13 Oscar winning beaches

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Greek summer are the endless coasts and the charming seashores that “flirt” with the magical waters of the Aegean, Ionian and Lybian Sea. In this fascinating country where the dry land meets the crystal blue waters, 13 famous beaches, some with exotic golden sand, uniquely shaped landscapes combined with others that still carry their spectacular history, are meant to offer you unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation. Continue reading and learn more about them!

Picture Perfect Beaches

One of Crete's most attractive beaches, approximately 80 km southwest of Chania, is Elafonisi. The beach is actually a narrow landmass surrounded by sea, which literally gives you the feeling that you are on a different island. A shallow lagoon between the mainland and the island is formed with a depth no deeper than a meter. Mesmerizing beaches are formed all around with turquoise waters and coral pink sand which takes its colour by the broken shells.

Porto Katsiki
The famous beach of Lefkada Island is located in the southwest and is one of the most fabulous ones in the Mediterranean Sea. The steep slope of the cliffs, surround a strip of the pebbly beach and its azure clear waters.

Canal d’ Amour
The romantic beach located in Sidari on Corfu Island is another masterpiece of Greek nature. Magnificent geological formations made from argyle worn off by the wind and sea salt, enter the sea, creating coves, hidden caves and water channels. As legend has it, all couples that swim here, will stay in love for the rest of their lives.

In Kisamos’s bay, west of Chania, there is a complex of small islands of excellent beauty waiting for you. The Gramvousa peninsula stands out with its marvelous landscape, astonishing blue-green shallow waters and its amazing seabed. The scene also includes breathtaking castle of Venetian architecture. Balos is an outstanding beach; the landscape cannot be compared to anything you’ve ever seen before either when you reach it from above arriving by foot or by sea. The emerald clear waters and white sandy beach are waiting for you!

Kefalonia’s top beach which has received multiple awards is only 15 km away from Fiskardo town. Seeing Myrtos from above creates a unique sensation! The green and rocky hillside is mirrored in the crystal blue waters promising to take your breath away. Don’t miss a once in a lifetime experience here, as you as you can enjoy an awesome sunset. Watching the sun slowly diving into the Ionian Sea lends the horizon a multicolored palette.

Beaches with a Story

Navagio (Shipwreck)
Impossible to reach from the shore and only reachable via sea transport, Navagio is Zakynthos’ landmark and one of the most renowned beaches in Greece. With its mile-and-a-half long stretch of shiny white pebbles cutting deep into a sheer cliff and its crystalline turquoise waters lapping against the island’s northwest coast, the beach invites you to unveil its well-kept secret. In its white bosom rests the rusty skeleton of the merchant ship Panayiotis which was washed ashore in 1982.

At the boundaries of Mesara’s flatland and Mt. Asterousion, 70 km southwest of Heraklion Crete, you’ll come across the picturesque seaside village Matala. Its wonderful beach, bearing the same name, became worldwide known as a heaven for the hippies during 60s and 70s. The ‘flower power’ hippies use to flock to the beaches’ caves and express their freedom and creativity. Among them there were also some famous people such as Joni Mitchell, who has composed a song about that place (Carrey), Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens etc.

Voidokoilia’s cove and beach are located northwest of the historic town of Pylos, in Messinia district, which has been declared as an archeological site and a place with unique natural beauty. Archaeologists have unveiled precious monuments in the region, lending it great value. It’s symmetrical landscape, reminiscing an ancient theatre, embraces a stunning sandy beach with turquoise waters. Two huge rocks create a tight alley from where you feel like the sea gets squeezed into the sand dunes’ embrace.

Distinctive beaches

In the southeast part of Milos the volcanic activity that took place millions of years ago, as well as the erosion caused by the strong winds and the sea, created the most mysterious beach worldwide. The distinctive white rocks next to the blue sea mash up an unforgettable sight.

Kokkini Paralia (Red beach)
Near the archeological site of Akrotiri is the most famous beach of Santorini known as Kokkini Paralia (meaning red beach)! The red rocks ‘flirt’ with the deep blue of the sea and the white, black and red sand create an astonishing colour palette.

In the northwest part of Paros Island, near Naousa Bay, you’ll encounter distinctive naturally sculpted granite rock formations that look like they’ve been set upon the golden fine sandy beach, thus generating multiple wind-sheltered coves. In some spots, the seawater fills the rock cavities creating impressive natural spas.

Kolpos Agiou Pavlou (Saint Pavlos Bay)
At the foot of the acropolis of Lindos you’ll come across the beautiful little cove of Agios Pavlos (seen from above it has a heart shape look). This cove has two partly sandy and partly pebbly beaches with shallow crystal waters. Enjoy the idyllic view shared with the picturesque church of Agios Pavlos.

Locals of the eastern coastline of Sithonia in Halkidiki, refer to the numerous tropical beaches of the area as “Hawaii of Greece”. You’ll definitely fall in love at first sight with the white sand, smooth rocks and turquoise crystal waters.

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