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Plastiras Lake

An artificial paradise for every season of the year!

Lake Plastiras, located in the wider area of Agrafa (region of Thessaly) is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that captivates the mind at first sight. Dreamlike in all aspects, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece created in a location where in antiquity we could find the confluence of the rivers Tavropos and Achelous. It is a natural wonder that owes its existence to the inspired vision of General Nikolaos Plastiras (rightfully named after him) to create an impressive dam that would reinvigorate the entire region. Lake Plastira lives every season at its fullest, promising to offer you the holiday you dreamed of.

The grandeur of the lake is crowned with the surrounding alpine peaks; snowcapped or green, with rushing streams that flirt with lacy coves, narrow inlets of water between cliffs that create fjord-like scenes and a single luscious green islet in the middle create a mind-blowing landscape which is mirrored in the emerald waters of the lake. In the vicinity you can find a handful of charming villages situated along the lakeshore or on the mountainous slopes which offer you an idyllic view of the lake!

Villages that make a difference!

Following the lakeside route, while at the same time heading up the mountainous regions, one can discover dozens of hospitable villages, which pose in a fairytale-like natural setting. The lakeside villages Kalivia Pezoulas and Neohori are the most developed and have suitable infrastructures in order to provide a wide array of outdoor activities. Within walking distance from Neohori you will find the Botanical Garden. It is a – ten acres- paradise on earth that hosts the great majority of the local flora as well as representative species of the local fauna inside the wild animal observatory.

Out of all the mountainous villages some stand out, like Karitsa with the famous monastery of “Panagia Pelekiti”, carved in a huge rock and the “Cave of Gakis”. The village of Kastania is suitable for romantic promenades in the nearby forest. Mesenikolas village is renowned for its red wine and the “Koroni’’ Convent is at a nearby distance. Morfovouni village is the birthplace of Nikolaos Plastiras. The village of Moshato has a rich wine-growing tradition. Belokomitis village provides an excellent display of local traditional architecture. The village of Neraida (fairy) is a well-known tourist attraction. Last but not least at the village of Filakti enjoy the picturesque cobblestone square and its beautiful stone-built fountains.

View from the top!

Most of the villages, especially Neohori and Neraida, offer an idyllic view of the lake. Beside the settlement of Zigogianneika, just before reaching the dam, we can find the most staggering view of the lake from an elevated position. This famous lookout, at an elevation of 1350 meters, offers a beautiful view of the successive fjords, of the islet Niaga and of the panoramic splendor of the lake with the high mountain summits painted at the horizon’s edge. Exceptional spots offering breathtaking view are also considered the two fire lookouts of Kazarma and Kastania.

Aquatic sport activities and more!

The clean waters of the lake alongside the particular geomorphology of the surrounding mountain ranges offer an ideal terrain for the enthusiasts of alternative tourism who wish to combine outdoor activities with recreation. Sports companies and facilities operate in the area, promising to introduce you to the 'dynamic' side of the lake.
  • Put yourself in a sporty mood and enjoy magnificent walks along the lakeshore either on foot or by bicycle or on the back of a horse.
  • Rent a canoe or a hydro bike and cross the blue aquatic mirror.
  • Enjoy refreshing dives at Pezoula and Lamperou beaches, which is visited every August by dozens of swimmers, during the Panhellenic Swimming Crossing of the lake Plastiras.
  • Take off literally by paragliding and hang gliding in the air sport facilities situated on the mountaintops of Templa or Agonas (Neraida) and Koufolongos (Krioneri).
  • Aim at the heart of nature, by testing your skills in archery at the organized venues found at the villages of Rousso, Sekliza and Neraida.
  • Enjoy rejuvenating walks in the mountains of Agrafa through an extensive network of shaded forest trails. Choose one of the eco-trails inside the “Educational Forest” of Belokomitis and surrender to the magic of nature. In addition, the mountain shelter of Agrafa is set up for the purpose of servicing the climbers at the location “Karamanoli” near Neraida village (here one can find a miniscule ski centre) in addition to the mountain shelter “Elatakakos” at the Belokomitis forest.
Main Distances:
Karditsa - Lake Plastiras: 35 km.
Athens - Lake Plastiras: 335 km.
Thessaloniki - Lake Plastiras : 235 km .

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