Landscape with mountains and forests behind a few trees in autumn colors. A few clouds in the sky.

Dadia Forest

Οn the borderline of Asia & Europe

The forest’s name derives from Dadia village, located in Thrace, 67 km north from Alexandroupoli. The impressive lush vegetation of Dadia’s Forest, filled with pine trees, will put a spell on you with trails leading to some magnificent hillsides. You will have an unforgettable experience in nature of Northern Greece.

The forest follows the alpine terrain of Rodopi known as Evros’ Mountains, on the borderline of Asia and Europe. The area is the easternmost route of migratory birds and a welcoming home to all kinds of wildlife.

Feeling free as a bird

In Dadia’s Forest you’ll have the opportunity to observe rare European birds of prey. The protected species Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) is the habitat’s emblem. The area is also a shelter for the eastern imperial eagle (Aquila heliaca), and the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), the rarest predator in Greece. 219 species have been recorded in the area, 40 species of reptiles and amphibians, 36 species of mammals, as well as rare plants. In 1980 the land was declared as a protected area, consisting of two strictly conserved zones of 72.9 km2 and a peripheral zone around them of 367 km2.

Unspoken natural beauty

The hilly landscape, with a number of streams, rock formations, small or large forest gaps, various forest species of plants and trees, and traditional farms, compose an impressive forest terrain of incomparable beauty. Come across a number of different oak trees (Quercus), as well as different types of broadleaf or pine trees. Streams and brooks furrowing Dadia’s hills, interspersed among a mature pine and oak forest, clearings that alternate with meadows, pastures and crops, all together form this harmonious landscape.

Live the experience

Dadia’s Forest is the perfect place for a holiday where you can enjoy activities, come close to nature, with lush vegetation and birds of prey that compose a magnificent landscape. Visit the Ecotourism Centre located at 500 m. from Dadia’s settlement where you’ll find a lodge, Restaurant, Coffee-shop, and the Information Centre that organises a number of ecotours. You can also make a stop by the Vulture Observatory at a 3 km. distance from the Information Centre.